What Is A Mutual Fund?

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Looking for a mutual fund to invest in will probably send your through many stocks and funds managers as you do your mutual fund research. Most investors will learn that retirement plans and broker managed investing accounts invest heavily in mutual funds. The facts about mutual funds is that in the United States, alone, more than half the population is invested in mutual funds.

The popularity of mutual funds rests in the concept behind mutually owned stocks and bonds. A mutual fund is managed by a portfolio manager. As you do more mutual fund research, you learn that the fund manager buys and sells stocks and bonds following the investment strategies for his mutual fund that is detailed in the mutual fund’s prospectus which can be ordered by contacting the mutual fund directly or through a stock broker.

Your mutual fund research will lead you to the most important information about your mutual fund which is the fees charged by the mutual fund to manage itself for their investors benefit. These fees are used to pay the portfolio manager and other managers that conduct trades and services for the mutual fund. Additionally, as you continue, you will learn that these fees are collected in several different manners.

Doing mutual fund research without discovering how and when fees are collected is not complete in understanding the operations of mutual fund. Your mutual fund research should let you know if a fee is charged when you first buy into a mutual fund. Some mutual funds charge a fee only when an investor sells his shares in the mutual fund. A mutual fund’s prospectus details when fees are charged, in what manner and what percentage is charged based on the total investment or the shares bought.

Part of your mutual fund research will be on identifying the meaning of terms used by mutual funds. Terms like open end funds, closed end funds, exchange traded funds and unit investment funds are general mutual fund terms that have generally understood definitions when used by a mutual fund prospectus. Finishing your mutual fund research into an understanding of the SEC and its overseeing capacity into the ethical management of mutual funds will give you a clear understanding of what a mutual fund is as well as learning about the Investment Company Act of 1940 that covers mutual funds as well.

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