New content syndication site and social marketing tool builds buzz through collaboration. Solves a common problem business owners and social media consultants share – how to quickly build online buzz for their business or clients.

Announcing the Social Buzz Club – a new tool for improving social media ROI through collaboration. Social Buzz Club is a network of social media influencers, consultants, bloggers and online marketers. Members of the club repost and retweet content, so one post can quickly reach thousands of people.

Social Buzz Club provides marketing consultants and social media professionals a way to expand their reach and use social media in a more profitable way, both for themselves and their clients.

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The idea for the Social Buzz Club came out of a focus group with social media professionals. Founders, Kathryn Rose and Laura Rubinstein, address a common problem they all face – how to build buzz for their varied clients.

β€œThe number one challenge social media consultants and business owners share is how they can build buzz quickly and in a targeted way. We realized if we collected other social media professionals with large followings, we could collaborate to gain targeted followers for our clients and dramatically increase social media return on investment,” says Kathryn Rose, CEO.
Members Gain Expert Education

Charter Members of the Social Buzz Club were selected from a group of highly-respected social media pros, such as Relationship and Facebook Marketing Expert Mari Smith, and Blogger Expert Denise Wakeman. Each Charter Member has agreed to provide their expertise through regular webinars and blogposts exclusively for Members. Charter Members also agreed to actively share content within the club as well.

Built on reciprocity, the Social Buzz Club developed a system that rewards all Members for being social. The more one shares content, the more one can submit content.
Membership criteria

All Members must have active and powerful networks on various social platforms to join.

  • Minimum of one year in the social networking space
  • Minimum of 150 Facebook friends or fans
  • Minimum of 1000 Twitter followers
  • Must be listed and active on the networks

Submitting Content
Content such as blog posts, articles, video, etc. can be submitted. Members create sample tweets, Facebook comments, StumbleUpon messages, etc.

Buzzing Content with One-Click

  • Members can share content to Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Digg and Stumbleupon with one-click.
  • Members can personalize the headline before sharing.
  • Members choose to share immediately or schedule it for a later date.

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