Audio is really a often neglected business tool. There are a number of techniques that audio could be used to the advantage of your small business. Here are the three most typical:

When building an advertising and marketing system, awareness would be the first (and biggest) challenge to get over. Naturally, potential prospects need to know about you before they come to you. By using a jingle is a great option to help achieve awareness. A jingle is simply a short, catchy song that gives information regarding your enterprise or product. However, the uses doesn’t necessarily stop there. A jingle, in whole or in part, could be integrated into radio, television, and online advertising (YouTube videos, your company website, etc.), so it will be quite an extremely versatile tool. Some jingles can stand alone as a commercial, while others are great openers or closers. Jingles are not too expensive to produce and can serve your small business for years to come.

Converting potential customers into paying customers is the next hurdle. You’ve created a jingle that creates awareness for your company, and now phone calls are pouring in. On-Hold Messaging is the next tool, which helps keep customers on the telephone line and provide valuable information while they wait for to speak to someone. The music and messages that callers hear helps to reduce caller anxiety, reduce the number of hang-ups, and create further awareness of your products and services. All of these results help to foster more sales for your business. These can be coupled with your jingle to help reinforce your brand and image in the mind of your callers. These are also easy and inexpensive to start and maintain, and most telecom services have the ability to incorporate music/messages on hold.

Okay, now you have captured a possible customer’s particular attention using your jingle, and you have kept them thinking about your company when they named as using your on-hold message. Now they’ve arrived at your company or store location. The following barrier would be to convert browsers to buyers. Point-of-Purchase Audio Advertising is a superb tool for this job. These brief messages, often spaced within background music, can inform shoppers of the latest offerings, sales and specials, or other helpful information. Although many consist of background music, many feature merely a voice-over or announcer, so these are quick, easy, and affordable to create. Yet again, feel free to use your jingles here as well, contributing even more value to your initial investment.

These are merely a few good examples. Think creatively regarding how to incorporate audio to spread your message about your small business, products, or services. Professional audio production companies exist in every state and will be more than able to help carry your small business to another level.

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