TTI Corp. (OTC Bulletin Board: TTIN) announced today that their stock volume through yesterday, Thursday, February 10th is at record levels due to fundamental developments and ascertaining Bulletin Board listing and also announces record setting short position volume.

“I am extremely proud of our most recent fundamental news announcements released over the last couple weeks. Our bed bug releases combined with our announcement on utilizing SEO and SEM technologies to aggressively ramp up online sales over the course of the next few months as well as ascertaining Bulletin Board listing with FINRA has the market place very excited apparently,” states Chris Trina, CEO of TTI Corp. Trina further states, “TTI Stock has traded record volume this week of nearly l00 million shares with a total float in our stock of approximately 79 million shares which has created a very large percentage short position recorded daily with FINRA at This short position of nearly 30 million shares surprises me quite frankly. I’m confused and unsure about what they are betting on.” Trina further commented, “I welcome this 30% short position with open arms as long as these short sellers and traders comply with SEC. REGSHO then I’m totally fine with it. It’s part of our market place and short selling is inevitable. I’ve learned in my twenty years plus on the brokerage side that short sellers can be your worst enemy but quickly become your best friends. As the CEO I must protect our shareholders’ interest as best possible but most importantly continue to execute our business plan to the fullest and make our company grow exponentially. TTI is currently under two NDA agreements dealing in the areas of M&A and financing, new brokerage relationships and even a brand new contact this week for potentially selling avenger bed bug product into a large chain of grocery and convenient stores in the Northeast. All of these new developments which haven’t been formally announced yet along with our existing relationships make for an extremely interesting first half of the year.” Trina ended by saying, “In my humble opinion there is huge disconnect from our current stock price and where it should be fairly traded at and I’ll continue to work diligently for my shareholders to increase stock valuations and to show strong fundamental reasons for short sellers to cover their positions and stay away from our stock.”

About Organic Products International

Organic Products International is a marketer, distributor and reseller of organic, environmentally friendly pest control and fertilizer products. Their products include Avenger Organics Bed Bug Killer, Avenger Organics Insect Killer, Avenger Organics Weed Killer and Avenger Organics Fertilizer as well as XT2000 Termite Killer. Please visit our website at for further information about our products.

About Transfer Technology International Corp

Transfer Technology International Corp. acquires, procures and/or funds research, intellectual property and technologies for commercial transfer to world-class business partners.  The company generates revenue from transfer fees, licensing and strategic alliance fees and from the sale of intellectual properties. TTI also owns and operates two wholly owned subsidiaries, Organic Products International and X-Terminate Inc. which specialize in the distribution of Eco-friendly organic products and low impact pest control services. Please visit our main website at for further information and links to our wholly owned subsidiaries.

You can view or purchase our bed bug product at both and You will be able to find our SEC filings, press releases, stock quotes and corporate updates on our corporate main website

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