Text Message Mobile Marketing: The New Frontier

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For the very first time, mobile marketing maven Kim Dushinski is offering a detailed SMS Text Messaging Business Blueprint for free online. Made up of 5 essential steps for building a thriving, street smart SMS text messaging business, this mobile marketing blueprint is available now (http://mobilemarketingbootcamp.com/blueprintsms) for anyone interested in offering text messaging to local businesses.

In response to numerous questions she receives about how to start a mobile marketing business in text messaging, Kim Dushinski, CEO of the International Mobile Marketing Business Network, created a 5 step mobile marketing blueprint and is offering it for free to anyone interested in learning how to start and grow a business in text messaging. It is focused on how to offer text message marketing services to local businesses.

Dushinski suggests that every mobile marketing entrepreneur first take the time to learn the fundamentals of text messaging. “So many people jump into the deep end of the text messaging pool before even learning how to swim. Sure, they’re excited, but that excitement can’t make the right decisions for them. In fact, excitement without the fundamentals can be a very costly mix,” she states.

Created to help save the time and money of aspiring mobile marketing entrepreneurs, Dushinski has boiled down her best mobile marketing business advice into a free online guide.

Free 5-Step Mobile Marketing Blueprint – Now Available Online

Featuring the broad-strokes of her new Ultimate Mobile Marketing BOOTCAMP curriculum, this practical step-by-step guide lays out how to start and build a successful SMS text messaging business.

Blueprint: 5 Steps to Starting an SMS Text Messaging Business:

Step 1: Lean the Fundamentals of Text Messaging
Step 2: Choose a Vendor to Power Your Business
Step 3: Learn SMS Campaign Strategy
Step 4: Build a Sales and Marketing Strategy for Your Business
Step 5: Help Your Clients Implement their SMS Campaigns

To view the complete mobile marketing blueprint, visit:

About Kim Dushinski, Creator of the free Mobile Marketing Blueprint

Kim Dushinski is the author of The Mobile Marketing Handbook and President of Mobile Marketing Profits, a Denver-based mobile marketing training company. As CEO of the International Mobile Marketing Business Network, Dushinski is called upon to teach aspiring mobile marketing entrepreneurs from around the world how to start and build their own mobile marketing businesses. Her newest training course is the Ultimate Mobile Marketing BOOTCAMP: 5 Weeks to Building a Thriving Street-Smart SMS Text Messaging Business.

For more information about the Ultimate Mobile Marketing BOOTCAMP, visit:

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