LINK AMERICAS Foundation Announces
LINK Award Honorees 2010

For advancing “Technology Serving Humanity”

Today, the LINK AMERICAS Foundation announced the 2010 recipients of its highest honor – the LINK Awards –  to four individuals whose outstanding leadership and personal dedication advances “Technology Serving Humanity” in areas of:
Life – Information – Nature – Knowledge
Recipients are:
The Honorable Sebastián Piñera, President of Chile
Ms. Katie Couric,       Journalist, and CBS News Anchor
Kevin Costner,  Actor, Producer, and Environmentalist
The Honorable Arnold Schwarzenegger,    Governor of California

“Each of these outstanding leaders has demonstrated vision and spirit in advancing technologies serving humanity”, said Brenda Kempster, Executive Director of the LINK AMERICAS Foundation,  “The 2010 honorees lead the way in contributing positively to the use of technologies that benefit our global society, and will join our distinguished honor roll of previous LINK Award winners. ”

Accomplishments of our 2010 Honorees:
Life:  The Honorable Sebastián Piñera, President of Chile.
President Piñera showcased the use of advanced technologies, cameras, and transparency by his government in providing access to the global media throughout the entire rescue of the trapped Chilean miners.  The world was able to observe and share in the rescue efforts on a minute by minute basis.  More importantly, families of the miners, doctors, and rescue workers were able to maintain constant contact throughout the months of the ordeal – ensuring the physical and mental health of the trapped miners.  This openness and use of information and communications technologies brought the country of Chile and the entire global community together in an incredible humanitarian process.
Information:  Ms. Katie Couric, CBS News Anchor.
Ms. Couric is a pioneer in advancing the transition from traditional media to the use of new social media in journalism.  Her @katiecouric website along with her use of Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and interactive communication is a model in the industry.  Ms. Couric has transformed the traditional half hour anchoring of a national nightly news broadcast into truly a 24/7 dynamic news and new media environment now modeled by others in the industry.

Nature:  Mr. Kevin Costner, Environmentalist, Actor, Producer.
Mr. Costner was an unlikely hero of the Gulf oil leak disaster.  Costner created Ocean Therapy Solutions to produce machines that separate oil from water using a centrifuge system.  He has spent seventeen years and twenty million dollars of his own money to hire scientists to develop the oil extracting water purification machines – based on technology originally developed by the Department of Energy.  During the BP oil spill he testified before Congress on the need for this technology for environmental clean up.  The machines are designed to purify two hundred thousand gallons of water each day of operation.

Knowledge:  The Honorable Arnold Schwarzenegger, Governor of California.
Governor Schwarzenegger has shown leadership in advancing recognition of Digital Literacy as the new literacy of the 21st Century.  Governor Schwarzenegger issued the Executive Order S-06-09, calling attention to and supporting the need for Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) Digital Literacy.  The order stated that ICT Digital Literacy “is a defining component of California’s competitiveness for a knowledge-based economy and is growing in importance to attract capital investment that will generate higher quality jobs.”  In 2010, he continued his efforts by supporting the development and implementation of a statewide action plan for digital literacy.

The LINK AMERICAS Foundation is a California 501(c)3 organization whose mission is to promote global understanding of information and communication technologies serving humanity in the theme areas of Life – Information – Nature – Knowledge.

News Media Contact: Brenda Kempster
LINK AMERICAS Foundation (760)-610-1719

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