Small Business Owners: U.S. Navy Wants You

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The U.S. Navy Program Executive Officers for Submarines, Aircraft Carriers, Integrated Warfare Systems, Ships, and Littoral and Mine Warfare will be hosting a conference for Small Businesses who seek opportunities with the U.S. Navy.  The NAVSEA Small Business Conference will take place at Florida International University in Miami, Florida on February 1, 2011. This event will provide an unprecedented forum where Small Business owners can connect directly with senior Navy and industry leaders to learn, collaborate, and explore ways in which they can offer their products and services in support of Navy warfare programs.  Furthermore, the NAVSEA Small Business Conference will facilitate relationships among minority-serving colleges and universities and the federal government to attract an increasingly effective and diverse workforce for the U.S. government. In addition to informational sessions, this conference will provide valuable networking opportunities, including one-on-one sessions where Small Business representatives will meet with large government prime contractors and government representatives to learn about immediate and upcoming business opportunities.  For more information on the NAVSEA Small Business Conference, please contact Mandi Jackson of Burke Consortium, Incorporated by email at or phone at 703-941-0600

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