When the economy crashed, Johnny Schrunk’s family business felt it. He began using Main Street Marketing Machines—Traffic Geyser’s new online marketing platform—to market small businesses online. In just days, his first client had made him profitable.

A couple years ago, when the U.S. economy started to tumble, Johnny Schrunk saw it affect his family consulting business. It seemed he wouldn’t be able to continue working alongside his father, so after exploring his options, Schrunk found success marketing small businesses with Main Street Marketing Machines, Traffic Geyser’s online marketing platform for entrepreneurs & local companies.

“With my dad’s and my business, our clients were sizable companies with big budgets and giant conference rooms. When the economy bottomed out, we definitely felt it,” Schrunk confesses. “Self-improvement and marketing consulting were two disciplines I always enjoyed, and it seemed Traffic Geyser’s name would pop up in both areas.”

Schrunk bought the first edition of Main Street Marketing Machines 2.0: Fusion, and started using it within hours:

“I was a chaperone for my son’s class trip, and another child’s dad was there, expressing his dislike for the results he was getting from advertising in the phone book. I decided I could help him, and we planned to meet the next day.

When I got back home, I went through the Main Street training—it all made sense—and mapped out my battle plan. The next day, the meeting ended and I had a contract worth $5,000 up front, and $1,000 a month.”

Johnny is just one of many Main Street Marketing Machines success stories.

“Johnny leveraged his knowledge of a specific niche,” explains Mike Koenigs, CEO and Co-founder of Traffic Geyser. “Whether someone is a restauranteur or a mechanic or a lawyer, everyone is part of a special population and knows things about that niche that others do not. Even if someone can’t come up with a money-making idea in their demographic, the Fusion system provides a list of 100 profitable business types to target.”

Although most everyone in an urban environment is surrounded by small businesses, it’s a market that escapes the minds of many people looking for clients.

“There are 29.6 million small businesses in the U.S. Today,” said Koenigs.  “They are quickly realizing they need to get an active online presence and they need help to make that happen. The Fusion system includes everything necessary to start a work-from-home business marketing to local firms.”

Click here for the full article, and to watch Johnny share his success story.

To learn more about marketing to small businesses using Main Street Marketing Machines 2.0: Fusion, can visit http://www.buildlocalbusinessnow.com, or contact Will Christie at 800-962-9575, ext. 115, for more information.

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