brings much needed free foreclosure prevention assistance and short sale help to DC, Maryland and Virginia homeowners through brand new website.

Unfortunately it is clear that there is no magic bailout on its way to those facing the possibility of foreclosure in the DC area. Lenders and the government continue to roll out new ideas, yet none have yet proven to provide a large scale solution. Homeowners must realize that out of necessity the powers that be are focused on macroeconomics and that they must take action themselves. Fortunately homeowners who have found themselves underwater on their home loans now have a new resource to tap into.

The new website being launched provides area residents with the critical information they need to make an informed decision on whether a strategic default, loan modification or short sale is the right solution for them to stop foreclosure. It also promises to deliver the resources needed to succeed in effectively stopping foreclosure in Virginia, Maryland or DC and developing a real, educated plan of action that takes into account potential tax ramifications and future financial goals.

There can be many traps awaiting those who are not armed with adequate representation and expertise. No one knows when the bank is really going to foreclose. Sadly the media has misled many with the false sense of security that they can just stop paying their mortgages and live in their homes for free for years. Some may have gotten away with this, though others are receiving foreclosure notices just 60 days after becoming delinquent. Dealing with lenders directly can certainly be a mine field. Even if some form of loan modification or short sale can be negotiated, if you haven’t retained a specialist to work on your behalf, a big tax bill or a deficiency judgment could be around the corner.

This is where the other half of this website comes into play. Founder Brian Gormley, an attorney, short sale expert and real estate broker brings his unique blend of services to the table for those who need it. This might seem like an interesting blend of different hats to wear, but as he points out new changes in the law now limit the ability of real estate agents to negotiate short sales. In order to get a fair deal and best terms when talking short sales and stopping foreclosure with lenders, a specialist who will fight for you is essential.

During an interview Brian Gormley points out that while the banks, “May have you believe that it is your paperwork causing delays or denial of your requests, more frequently negotiations are held up because of complex relations servicers have with investors and mortgage insurers, or because lenders have inaccurate property valuations or unrealistic expectations of net sales proceeds.”

Those that have used Brian and his company Cornerstone Properties and Financial Services say the difference is really the power of contacts and aggressively escalating negotiations to the top for his clients.

Asked about the new trend in strategic defaults Brian answers ‘they sound a lot sexier than they are’ and that the most important thing all concerned homeowners must do right now is to seek out quality legal advice from an expert who can guide them to the best solution for their individual situation.

Those contemplating a short sale or needing help to stop foreclosure will discover many free resources on the new website including the latest legal developments, information on the firm’s pro bono loan modification assistance and the ‘Where In DC?’ video series. In addition those who visit the site get the chance to enter the current iPad giveaway.

So it is definitely worth checking out the website for the possibility of getting out of debt and walking away with a brand new iPad.


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