Generation Mortgage Company, the nation’s largest privately owned reverse mortgage retailer and wholesaler, is working with Amovius, LLC, to develop custom software solutions for processing and servicing reverse mortgage loans.  Amovius is based in Melbourne, Florida, and the alliance between Generation Mortgage and Amovius is a trend in the software outsourcing arena. Companies that were previously outsourcing software development services to other countries are now learning that a higher level of service can be provided on-shore at competitive rates.

“Generation Mortgage is a mid-sized company focused on our core business, which is not IT development,” said Mark Sohl, CIO, Generation Mortgage. “We would never be able to assemble an organization of talent needed to meet the needs of our company internally.  We needed to partner with a strong IT development firm.”

Burton Toole, CEO, Amovius, noted, “As a local software development company, we take pride in bringing back jobs to the US. We do all of the software development in our 11,000 square-foot facility in Melbourne, FL.  We are a talented, dedicated organization with focus on integrating with our customers’ organizations.  We are located on the “Space” coast with some of the top engineers in the world.  Offering services in the same time zone while eliminating the language and cultural barrier that exist with off shore firms is our niche. We offer competitive rates and are committed to delivering software on-time, on-scope and on budget.”

Generation Mortgage continues to grow its market share in the reverse mortgage industry and the need to enhance its current process capability led to discussions between the company and Amovius.  Providing services to Generation Mortgage to automate office workflow, allowing them to replace manual processes, will increase the amount of loans that the current staff can process.  Amovius is able to aid in reducing the amount of document duplication and provide a single repository for all critical mortgage and legal documents.

About Generation Mortgage

Generation Mortgage Company is the largest privately owned reverse mortgage retailer and wholesaler in the United States. With its sole focus on reverse mortgages, Generation Mortgage is known in the industry as offering the “gold standard” in customer service, providing loan servicing for nearly all of its retail and wholesale reverse mortgage loans.

About Amovius

Amovius is a software solutions provider located in the Melbourne, Florida.  Amovius provides long term sustainable software solutions for mid-size businesses that otherwise could not build and maintain a process driven organization internally.  Amovius competes directly with off shore development and local consulting and staffing firms.  Amovius’ sole focus is software development and the delivery and support of that software to the end client.  Amovius is known for delivering quality software on-time, on-scope and on-budget.

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