Realtors Get New Tools to Deal with Foreclosures

Realtors Get New Tools to Deal with Foreclosures-Image by respres via Flickr

SSAA Launches Highly Anticipated Platform To Help Real Estate Agents Prepare To Meet The Overwhelming Demands For Distressed-Property Assistance. The New Platform Includes A Unique Custom Website For Each Member To Inform Homeowners About The Effects Of Default And How To Avoid Foreclosure.

Quote startThe platform includes a unique custom website for each agent designed to inform distressed-mortgage homeowners about the effects of default and ways to avoid foreclosure.Quote end


Short Sale Association of America (SSAA) officially launched its highly anticipated short sale platform to real estate agents and brokers on Wednesday, March 23, 2011. Jonathan Bowman, founder of SSAA, was quoted this week saying, “Over 12 million U.S. homeowners are ‘upside-down’ on their mortgage, so we’ve got our work cut out for us. The resources we provide train help agents prepare to meet the overwhelming demands for distressed-property assistance.”

National Association of Realtors president, Ron Phipps, recently stated that, “you have to be where the market is, not where it was”. The tools and systems released in SSAA’s platform helps real estate professionals adapt to the unique demands of today’s market.

The Mortgage Bankers Association reports that there are currently over 7 million U.S. homeowners in default. The lopsided share of distressed-property sales nationwide is impossible to ignore. According to Core Logic, the majority of property sales in Arizona (52%), Michigan (63%), and Nevada (60%) were distressed-property sales. California, Florida, Idaho, Oregon, and Georgia aren’t too far behind.

Platform subscriber and Re/Max broker, Ellen Shaikun, said, “The foreclosure crisis has affected my community a great deal. We have the manpower to make a difference; we just lack the resources to get the job done right. SSAA fills that gap for my team and we’re able to reach more homeowners who need help.”

The platform includes a unique custom website for each agent designed to inform distressed-mortgage homeowners about the effects of default and ways to avoid foreclosure. Homeowners can take an interactive evaluation about foreclosure alternatives that will recommend a course of action based on their responses. The custom site provides education, information, and tools for homeowners—including sellers and buyers—who are directed to the agent for assistance.

Freddie Mac reported 6 in 10 homeowners in foreclosure are not aware of the services banks can offer to individuals having trouble paying their mortgage. Homeowners who request information through an SSAA member’s custom Website will automatically receive a series of pre-written email messages informing them about their rights and options. All services provided by SSAA to homeowners are free of charge.

SSAA’s training platform combines old-school marketing strategies with cutting-edge, custom technology to increase the productivity of their members and save them time. For example, program members can use a unique locator within their lead management software that will map out, identify, and pin each property on their pre nod or leads list on Google Maps. Agents planning a door-knocking campaign have the functionality to see a curbside satellite image of the property before they go out to their home appointment.

Real estate agents nationwide can learn more about the new platform by visiting

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