Real Estate Investing with Your IRA: This Just Revealed

Real Estate Investing with Your IRA: This Just Revealed-Image via Wikipedia

Proprietary Safe Harbor IRA allows occupancy and enjoyment of IRA property today

Quote startUse your IRA to buy your dream home! Occupy and enjoy it today!Quote end

Would you like to use your IRA to purchase a new home, vacation home, or to buy an IRA real estate investment property that you can use and enjoy today? Or maybe you are wishing you could put your IRA savings to use to help with your current mortgage payments?

We may be able to help. If you qualify, you can use Lasaii’s proprietary Safe Harbor IRA to purchase and move into a new home, vacation home, or work place. You can buy a farm, raw land, or simply use our IRA Mortgage Relief Program to make mortgage payments on your current home.

“Everything is going like clockwork with our monthly deposits into our Real Estate Account. We are using those funds as a payment on the mortgage to our brand new house. We could not be any happier with the end result from Lasaii (a division of Uranga & Associates).”

R.L.T. Springfield, Oregon

Although we refer to them as the “new rules” of IRA Real Estate because they are not well understood or commonly applied yet, Lasaii (a division of Uranga & Associates) has been successfully using the IRA Safe Harbor method since 1992.

In 2005 Uranga & Associates was contacted by IRS tax shelter inspectors requesting a compliance review of our IRA/real estate program. This gave Uranga & Associates, along with their CPA advisers the opportunity to sit down with IRS tax shelter inspectors to present the details of the Safe Harbor IRA method of investing in IRA/real estate.

Each phase of the Safe Harbor IRA method process was carefully discussed and scrutinized in particular with regards to tax sections 6694, 6695, 6700, 6701, 7402, 7407 and 7408. After thorough examination the IRS inspectors were satisfied of full compliance. Uranga & Associates was officially notified by Letter 1866 (Rev. 4-2004), dated September 26, 2005 that action under these code sections was discontinued.

This thorough audit of Uranga & Associates’ proprietary process resulted in clearance from the IRS Tax Shelter Inspectors that our Safe Harbor IRA conforms with, and is in non-violation of, all applicable legislated tax laws

For more information check out our new website or contact a Lasaii consultant at 1-800-564-8625, or fill out an application form to see if you qualify for a Safe Harbor IRA.

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