Real Estate: How to Sell Your House in Seconds

Real Estate: How to Sell Your House in Seconds-Image by Transguyjay via Flickr

New Real Estate Technology innovation is becoming a Huge Game Changer State to State. rolls out its CA version of their Patented Software to assist the Real Estate markets state to state.

In a slow real estate market, savvy real estate agents, buyers and sellers are quick to use the best web tools to assist them to a quick close of escrow. CHT, LLC has now developed a patented software to assist struggling buyers and sellers that are looking to navigate right past the distressed properties of the market place to quick, solid transactions state to state.

CHT, LLC inventor and owner, Cynthia Kiefer comes to the table with 20+ years of Commerical Real Estate, banking and REIT experience. Kiefer, states, “… in this tough economic time, we are working to revolutionize the real estate market by bringing a new way for Solid Agents, Buyers and sellers to move thier homes in seconds vs. months with our patented software”,

For years people have been swapping homes for vactions. Today’s innovation gives a viable solution to aging liistings, or homeowners wanting to buy their dream home in dream location and have that buyer buy their home – the permanent exchange is gaining rapid support among frustrated home owners struggling to sell in this tempid real estate market, has become a viral sensation. Primarily attracting home owners in more exclusive zip codes that have no issue with loan qualifications and/or loan defaults. Solid Buyers trading up or trading down, finding the perfect match thru this websites software. For more information, or if you need an assist in selling/buying your home visit their site at:


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