Collaboration is critical in today’s business community with the complexity of company ventures and business initiatives continuing to increase. In the past, most teams had top down organizational structure, but in today’s highly elaborate enterprise and technology atmosphere concurrent management is more the norm. The skill sets of team participants are very specialised. So no one individual has all of the answers. Managers are becoming more like concierges in lieu of quarterbacks or even generals ensuring there is good team chemistry and effective communication amongst the various specialities.

No longer is individual ability as essential as effective teamwork, and successful team management usually means project administrators need to leverage diversity between the team participants rather than try and force a single team culture. Not all team members, for instance, may be within the same time zone in today’s global economy. Expecting team members who don’t even share only one language to function with the exact same ideas concerning other teamwork concepts, like working hours or even dress code, just isn’t realistic. By having diverse thinking, history, customs, and experiences the creative imagination and innovation capability of a team is significantly increased.

From an individual standpoint, technical proficiency is being trumped by the ability to work with others. Communication and cooperation have become more essential than someone’s competence in a specific area of interest. If team members are unable to compromise and negotiate with other people to achieve the project goals then the social intelligence of the team will not be suitable enough to take full advantage of the team’s potential.

Team leaders must have the skill sets essential to create a diverse environment that ensures every individual contributes their best effort while at the same time always keeping other team member’s expectations and abilities in mind. Effective team leaders should certainly determine a shared vision for the project and build an atmosphere where team members function synergistically to reach this common goal. This can only take place when team culture emphasizes open communication and respect for each participant. Building trust, especially in multicultural teams, is critical to developing effective teams in today’s shrinking global business world.

Having the job done on time and cost effectively has by no means been more important or more complex, but with the capability of today’s online project management software this task has become more than attainable. By moving an organization’s project management program from a centralized location online, project managers and their teams can communicate and collaborate at any time and in any language. With chat and even video conferencing capabilities, team members half a planet away can come together in a virtual headquarters where their cultural differences become not a roadblock to a team’s success but a bridge to successful achievement of the project and team goals.

Project CollabHQ provides Affordable Project Management for today’s global workforce where document sharing needs to be done online for team success.

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