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In today’s ”bank less” age where banks are not lending and many private individuals are lost knowing where to place their money for safe returns on their invested dollar the need for Private Equity Lending became very apparent., LLC was created to bridge the gap between individuals and entities that have identified great real estate opportunities yet lack the capital to see the projects through to completion., LLC bridges the gap between those who need money for their real estate investments and development opportunities with those who have funds and would like to earn a higher return then they are currently experiencing.

The average investor who places their funds into a identified opportunity can earn average annualized yields between 6 and 9%. Most loans are less than 12 months in length and monthly debt service is required by those that are borrowing these funds. This allows the investors who put up the capital to experience “Monthly” cash flow on their investment knowing that their money is secured against real property in a first deed of trust position.

Those investors worried about a continued devaluation in the real estate market need not worry as all loans require 35% cash down on the initial purchase price from the borrower. This means that the investor’s cash will only be 65% of the total purchase price of the property., LLC places funds in all 50 states and is backed by over 50 years of real world private money lending experience. All of the due diligence, title, documentation and servicing of these loans is managed by, LLC.

Any investor looking to earn more than what they are currently receiving from their 401k, retirement account, self directed IRA, stock or other investment portfolio is encouraged to call 800-473-6051 for a private consultation. Anyone interested in borrowing funds from, LLC is encouraged to visit our landing page at We look forward to working with you. For any and all questions please contact the President Lee Arnold at 800-473-6051.

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