An estimated 10,000 independent associates from throughout the U.S. and four provinces of Canada will attend the event at the American Airlines Center to hear first-hand the changes in direction of the company, now in its 40th year of operation.

PPL’s new CEO Rip Mason and Chief Commercial Officer Alan Fearnley will share the new vision for the company, which will build upon the stability and strength of PPL while enhancing the potential for major growth initiatives moving forward.

“From the beginning, Pre-Paid Legal Services has been a unique company, providing a high-quality legal service product through a direct selling business model,” Rip Mason said. “There is not another business like this in North America, and our plan is to rebrand the company and expand awareness and use of the company’s products throughout North America,” Mason said.

Following the acquisition of PPL by MidOcean, incoming Chief Commercial Officer Alan Fearnley invited the independent sales associates to consider the current market position of the company and its potential for growth. Using an analogy from the well known Warner Bros. Pictures film, “The Matrix,” Fearnley invited associates to take either the blue pill and maintain their current status or to take the red pill and discover the true potential of the company.

“During this first ‘Leadership Summit’ under the ownership of MidOcean Partners, we will introduce the rebranding of the company to our associates and show them the value of the red pill,” Fearnley said. Fearnley and his team are scheduled to make their presentation during the morning session on Saturday, September 10, beginning at 10:00 a.m. (CT).

In addition to this major announcement, the 2011 Leadership Summit will include a variety of daytime training and educational programs and evening awards and recognition ceremonies, September 9 and 10. Some of the leading PPL associates will be featured speakers and presenters, including: Brian Carruthers, Jeff Olson, Dave Savula, Darnell Self and Mark Smith. The 2011 Leadership Summit will also include two days of specialized training for independent associates who market legal plans to group audiences and to small business owners.

In conjunction with the Summit, PPL provider attorneys from throughout North America will attend the event and the PPL Attorney Resources Department will host an in-service training event for the Texas referral attorneys who offer legal services to PPL members.

About Pre-Paid Legal Services

Pre-Paid Legal Services provides families, employees and small businesses with affordable access to professional legal services and identity theft protection and restoration services. The Company provides legal service benefits through a network of independent law firms across the U.S. and Canada. Additional information about Pre-Paid Legal found at

About MidOcean Partners

MidOcean Partners is a premier private equity firm headquartered in New York focused on the middle market. MidOcean is committed to investing in high quality companies with stable market positions and multiple opportunities for growth. Targeted sectors include consumer, media and communications, business and financial services and industrial services. MidOcean utilizes a broad foundation of expertise in its focus industries to create value for its investors and partners. For more information, visit

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