Today Bonavitas launches a pilot program for fans to share and comment on Facebook about their experience with a new line of natural energy and recovery beverages.

Bonavitas natural products deliver the fuel one needs to get going in the morning, plus the vitamins, minerals and nutrients to replenish one’s body, support the organs and slow the aging process through a comprehensive approach to wellness with short-term energy and long-term recovery for one body. Sweet16 and Virgin Tequila are natural energy shots and R12 is a recovery drink that makes one feels better any time one is tired while improving one’s mood and replenishing the nutrients the body needs due to stress, work or old age.

“Nobody really has time to sit around and eat all the USDA-recommended fruits and vegetables every day. As a result, everybody is tired, stressed and poorly nourished”, said Jacques Jonassaint, CEO of Bonavitas.

Sweet16, Virgin Tequila and R12 can be purchased at the Bonavitas online store or from any member of our community. And, as our community of direct sellers, e-tailers, convenience stores and customers grows, Bonavitas will also make the natural energy and recovery beverages available through gyms, college campuses etc…

Bonavitas takes a fresh approach to direct sell by giving entrepreneurs the opportunity to earn income selling energy and recovery beverages through online social media, allowing members to tap into the power of the Internet. As we all aspire to be healthy and prosperous, Bonavitas offers everybody the opportunity to be wealthy and successful. Bonavitas uses the power of word-of-mouth advertising, social media marketing and personal relationships to get our energy and recovery beverages in the hands of the people who need and want them.

About Bonavitas
Headquartered in Provo, Utah, Bonavitas is a wellness company dedicated to the development and distribution of natural products that use science and natural ingredients for enhanced recovery, energy and overall health. Bonavitas chooses the nutrients and antioxidants that go into each product, based on scientifically supported benefits. Bonavitas offers a new approach to wellness – for everyone from elite athletes to moms on-the-go, weekend warriors and anyone with a pulse.

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