Microsoft Office: Broken Links Fixed Automatically-New Release

Microsoft Office: Broken Links Fixed Automatically-New Release-Image via Wikipedia

LinkFixerPlus is the only data migration tool that automatically repairs broken links in a wide variety of file types, when files or folders are moved or renamed. Latest release adds support for Microsoft Office 2010 including Word, Powerpoint, Access and Excel.

LinkTek Corporation, the world’s leading provider of software solutions that automate the management and repair of links contained in a wide variety of popular file formats, announces the addition of support for Microsoft Office 2010 products, including Word, Powerpoint, Access and Excel.

UK-based Bloor Research reports that, by survey, more than 80% of data migration projects run over time or over budget. According to Bloor, one main reasons is that “75 percent of companies had to develop their own methodology for data migration”. In a different study, Enterprise Strategy Group surveyed 700 end users and found that “83 percent of data migrations experienced problems”.

With worldwide projections of ever-increasing amounts of IT budgets going into data migration projects, as reported by Bloor research, LinkFixerPlus is the logical solution to problems resulting from broken links when migrating data. Also the first software application that can automatically safeguard links in a multitude of file types ― including Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Access files ― LinkFixerPlus can now do the same for Office 2010. When broken links occur after migrating data from one location to another or for other reasons (such as Office upgrades), LinkFixerPlus can be used to find and fix those broken links automatically.

Using exclusive, patented technology, links in files can be “safeguarded” in advance so that when files are moved or renamed (such as during a Novell to Windows data migration), LinkFixerPlus can then be used to automatically find and fix broken links in the moved or renamed files, in batch. Imagine not having to manually find or fix broken links after migrating files from one server to another.

In addition to Office files, LinkFixerPlus can also automatically fix broken links in Windows shortcuts, PDF, AutoCAD, MicroStation, InDesign, PageMaker and other file types when links are broken due to files being moved or renamed during server upgrades, server consolidations, server name changes, new storage servers, folder reorganizations, software upgrades, file virtualization or adoption of document management systems such as SharePoint, Open Text Livelink, EMC Documentum and others.

LinkFixerPlus is the ideal solution to find, report, manage and repair links in many different types of files whether you are working with hundreds of files on a desktop computer or millions of files during a file or data migration or even folder reorganizations.

How to Contact LinkTek
For more information LinkFixerPlus or to receive a trial version, call LinkTek at 727-442-1822 extension 9420 or e-mail or visit LinkTek on the Web at
About LinkTek
Headquartered in Clearwater, Florida, LinkTek Corporation provides software solutions for automating the management and repair of links contained within a wide variety of prevalent file formats. LinkTek’s flagship product LinkFixerPlus breaks new ground and introduces the new software category of “automatic link repair”. It is a leading data migration and link repair tool used by some of the world’s largest corporations. LinkFixerPlus is the first application designed to automatically fix broken links when files are moved or renamed.

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