If you’re an investor, how frequently do you base your sell and buy call on technical research? If you use technical signals in your trades, Ashkon Stock Predictor will help you make closer prophecies of the stock market. Thanks to the handfuls of easy pre-defined trading secrets and hundreds of combined ones, there’ll be no shortage of system for any stock and any market situation. Select the right trading methodology and boost your trading profits with Stock Predictor! Download Free Trial ( sixteen MB ).

Historically , analytical packages for the market cost thousands of bucks, and need their operators a high level of competency in mathematical statistical data. Ashkon Software inventive product provided, for the 1st time, an easy and straightforward to use graphical control interface to the complex process of trading, investigating info and making prophecies. Stock Predictor lets you make weighted choices as to whether to buy, sell, hold, or avoid a specific stock or stock index by plotting stock charts and technical signals. You can peek at the charts and make a fast trade call, or investigate them with any of the inbuilt trading techniques.

Are you sure you are selling your stocks at the right time? Limiting your losses and protecting your gains is a rule of thumb for every investor. Making a trade decision is risky and time-consuming. You can reduce your risks and save time by using proper analytical tools. Stock Predictor saves your time by providing comprehensive analysis of technical indicators for all of your stocks.

Do you have a trading strategy? If you do, how do you know that the strategy of your choice is the most effective one for a given stock and under the circumstances? Stock Predictor helps you choose the right trading strategy for a given stock or group of stocks, supporting multiple pre-defined trading strategies. Running the strategies against a single stock, stock index or a group of stocks makes it easy to calculate and compare cumulative and summarized returns on investment. Choosing the best trading strategy for a particular stock or group of stocks can increase your bottom line dramatically.

Having access to previous performance of a specified stock actually helps developing the right trading method. Stock Predictor offers access to historic information at no additional charge with inbuilt downloader. You can import info into Stock Predictor from a different source, or export info to process it in an analytical application of your choosing.

Regardless of having all of the features of sophisticated analytical packages, Stock Predictor doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. At just $295, Stock Predictor is intensely cheap for any investor.

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