Loan Mod Software is Best Option for Homeowners

Loan Mod Software is Best Option for Homeowners-Image via Wikipedia

As hundreds of homeowners face home foreclosures during these difficult times, new foreclosure software got an approval and positive feedback from distressed homeowners who are in need of assistance for home loan modification from their lenders.

The new foreclosure software, REST Report from provides a comprehensive report on borrower’s Net Present Value (NPV) of different Government Loan Modification Programs, along with interest rates, monthly payments, and loan terms.

One of the satisfied borrowers, Alicia David said, “I was affected by the financial crunch and my furniture business slumped. The capital I used in my business was from my home loan and now I can’t pay it. I had to do something or else I will be evicted in my own home. And then I found out from a friend and did my own research in the net so I contacted them.”

“I contacted my lawyer, presented the REST Report to my bank together with my application, and the rest is history. They modified my loan!” David exclaimed.

Rest Report provided an up-to-date NVP analysis as required by the United States Department of Treasury and built on the same software used by major banks to determine borrower’s eligibility. Rest Report informs the borrowers if they qualify for the government’s Home Affordable Modification Program (HAMP) for loan modification. Borrowers denied for loan modification would also be prepared to appeal if they have a REST Report in hand.

In the initial screening using the foreclosure software, if borrowers do not qualify for HAMP loan modification, REST Report also provide reasons why borrowers failed and proposes possible terms when applying for an in-house modification program if the bank or lender has such.

One of the reasons why lots of homeowner used REST Report is the savings they can get. It informs the borrowers right away on what to do next thus simplifying the complicated process of getting loan modification thus saving time and money.

Known internet figure Martin Andelman of Mandelman Matters shared that after spending ten months learning and working with REST Report foreclosure software, he recommended that all homeowners should get their own REST Report because as he mentioned, it is a game changer, the real deal.

“I wouldn’t even consider starting the process of getting my loan modified until I had my own REST Report, and I can’t imagine anyone wanting to pursue a loan modification without it,” Andelman added.

REST Report can be reached through their website, or call 1-888-543-4340 for free consultation.

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