Leaf River Energy Center LLC (Leaf River), a wholly owned subsidiary of NGS Energy, L.P., is pleased to announce that on April 1st, the gas storage facility has started commercial operation.

Leaf River is a highly interconnected and flexible FERC regulated facility located in Smith and Jasper Counties, Mississippi and has started allowing shippers to inject gas into its first cavern which is permitted for 8 BCF of storage capacity. An additional cavern will come on line in 2012 and the current FERC certificate allows for a total of 4 caverns with approximately 32 BCF of capacity and the capability to inject up to 1 BCF/d and withdrawal up to 2.5 BCF/d.  Leaf River owns significant acreage to add additional caverns and could expand the capacity significantly.

Customers are also able to start utilizing other services available in Leaf River’s FERC Tariff such as Firm and Interruptible Park and Loans, No Notice, Balancing and Wheeling services.

“We are very proud of achieving this significant milestone,” said Laura Luce, President of Leaf River, “and it is an important day for our customers, vendors, employees and owners. The dedication and focus of our team brought this to fruition and I appreciate the truly extraordinary job they’ve accomplished.”

Leaf River is interconnected with 6 interstate pipelines, including: Transco, Tennessee, Midcontinent Express, Sonat, Destin and Gulf South.

Leaf River is a wholly owned subsidiary of NGS Energy which develops and operates gas storage facilities in the United States. Other storage facilities in various stages of development include projects in Colorado, Arizona and Louisiana.  NGS Energy developed and operated Tres Palacios Gas Storage, LLC in Matagorda County, Texas prior to selling it in October 2010.

For more information about Leaf River or any of the other projects, contact NGS at (203) 557-1000. For inquiries about short term services on Leaf River such as Park and Loans, No Notice, Balancing and Wheeling services, contact Geof Storey at (203) 557-1000. For long term capacity inquiries at any NGS project, please contact Laura Luce at (203) 557-1000.


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