The Jellyvision Lab Shockingly Celebrates 10 Years of Success with Whole Paragraphs of Text! What? Read More…

You would think The Jellyvision Lab could just Tweet, “Today’s our 10th anniversary!  Now, let’s get our cake on!” and, then after re-tweeting something by a minor celebrity (maybe Nathan Fillion), call it a day.  But that seems kind of sad.  So, to trumpet 10 years of ongoing success, the people of The Jellyvision Lab are issuing several hundred characters to tell the world about their incredible company and how they’re helping businesses communicate in a way that’s fun, engaging and impactful.

What Does The Jellyvision Lab Think it is to Be Using So Many Words?

“We create Interactive Conversations that quickly become a company’s best sales person, advisor or evangelist,” says Harry Gottlieb, The Jellyvision Lab CEO and founder.  “We’ve had an incredible 10 years; so, if it takes us more than 140 characters to celebrate, so be it.”

Gottlieb first unleashed Interactive Conversations on the video game industry in 1995 under the name Jellyvision Inc., perhaps most famously with “YOU DON’T KNOW JACK®,” a quiz show party game for adults that generated millions of dollars and countless awards for the company.  Gottlieb then segued interactive engagements to the business community and officially opened The Jellyvision Lab in 2001. Today, the company is celebrating 10 years of success, having created projects for more than 60 Fortune 1,000 companies such as Microsoft, Aetna, Clorox, Comcast and Dell.  In 2010, the company drove more than 2.8 million visits to its Interactive Conversations and has doubled its revenue three years in a row.

“People love choices but they don’t always like, or even know how, to make them,” says Amanda Lannert, President of The Jellyvision Lab. “Over the past 10 years we’ve perfected a process that helps people make informed decisions in a matter of minutes.  And they have fun along the way.”

So How Does it Work?

Using a combination of great writing, inspired audio and visuals, and engaging performances, The Jellyvision Lab helps companies navigate people through complex choices, from which bundled cable service is right for your home, or which laptop is best suited for your first year of college, to what health coverage benefits best fit your lifestyle … to just about anything.

“We’re thrilled to be celebrating 10 years of success,” adds Lannert. “And to be doing it with more than 140 characters has been liberating.  At this point, nothing can stop us from getting the word out!  Except our budget … and people’s attention spans … and the actual projects we have to work on.  Am I still talking?”

And she actually kept talking for some time after that.  But you get the idea.

About The Jellyvision Lab

If your company website has a lot to say and is currently doing it in a way that’s too technical or filled with corporate jargon, marketing speak, impersonalized FAQs, and outsourced sales reps referring to massive binders of robotic text, then you should seriously consider calling The Jellyvision Lab today.  For more information and sample work, visit

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