Investment Professionals Launch New Website for 401K Management

Investment Professionals Launch New Website for 401K Management


Comprehensive, Technologically Advanced Service For Individual Management of 401K Retirement Investments Launches Online Today

Responding to the need for professional, on-going Protacticalâ„¢ management of individual retirement accounts, launched online today. The team of seasoned investment professionals behind manages this unique, tactical service, designed for individual and small business management of 401K retirement investments.

“Through the 401K GPS proprietary Protacticalâ„¢ process, our investment team assesses and monitors each client’s 401K strategy daily, to ultimately prosper in up markets and protect investments in downturns,” said Albert Herzog, Co-Founder and President of 401K GPS. “Our expert investment team guides each contributor through the often confusing world of 401K management ensuring consistency, flexibility and protection, taking the guesswork out of 401K retirement planning and investment management.”

Protacticalâ„¢ Investing is a proactive and tactical service delivering sound market information and forward thinking recommendations to the investor, allowing one to monitor and reallocate personal portfolios in a timely manner.

“We established 401K GPS after we saw so many people take incredible losses in the past three market downturns due to mismanagement of their 401K portfolio,” said Adam Kulesza, Co- Founder and Investment Strategist for 401K GPS. “People were forced to alter or delay their retirement dreams because they did not actively monitor the investment in their company sponsored plan. We are here to provide the bridge that results in successful 401K retirement planning.”

For a low quarterly fee of $59, or $199 annually, 401K GPS provides the investor with a personalized risk profile based on age and the number of years until planned retirement. On a quarterly basis, individual recommendations are given to properly reallocate one’s portfolio based on retirement goals and market expectations. With a constant eye on the market, the 401K GPS team monitors positions on a daily basis. In times of extreme volatility, the team will send emergency intra-quarter alerts.

The 401K GPS investment team is headquartered in Brighton, Michigan.

For more information, go to or call 810-229-6446 today.

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