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The Internet and technology are rapidly bridging the information gap between new home agents and buyers, empowering home buyers with the tools and technologies needed to make informed decisions all from the convenience of their home PC or PDA. The days of being dragged from one new home development to another by a well meaning but all too human real estate agents may be over as technology and the internet make buying a new home online easy and informative.

One builder is betting on online technology to create buyer urgency, drive sales, reduce upfront sales and marketing costs, and obtain the number of reservations necessary to secure new construction funding, by incorporating First Release Homes Virtual Reservation Services, VRS™. ( This revolutionary online approach replaces the costly, traditional offline sales and marketing process by providing powerful online virtualization tools and technologies that provide a real world, home buyer experience online. “The VRS technology provides home buyers with the tools necessary to replicate the offline home buying experience by offering virtual technologies that gives the buyer the same experience as if they physically drove to the new home development and individually walked the homes they were interested in touring.

Traditionally, the new home buyer would have to wait for either a new home development to be built, a sales office to be available and drive by the development to get a feel for the neighborhood and location. Thereafter, the prospective buyer would then find out when the sales office is open, call to schedule an appointment with an agent for a tour. The challenge is if the development is not completed, the home buyer would have to select a home from a paper floor plan, virtual tour, or walk the pre-built model homes and should they decided to purchase, hope and prey that their views from their new home are not obstructed and satisfactory, basically purchasing site unseen. However, if the development is built, the buyer will then likely have to spend several hours, researching, scheduling an appointment to meet with an agent, walking from home to home or take multiple trips back to the development with family members in order to decide on the perfect home.

“By utilizing our cutting edge VRS™ Service, Home buyers can now research the new home development, take a virtual tour of the new home development, walk the neighborhood, review local amenities and restaurants, take virtual tours of all the homes offered, check out the views from each home, see other home buyers taking tours online in real time, have questions answered via live chat and ultimately purchase their pre-constructed home all online and without establishing a relationship with a buyers agent or leaving the comfort of their home computer. ” says James Uberti, VP of Sales and Marketing for First Release Homes, Inc.

For builders the benefits are upfront savings, the required interest necessary to secure funding via online reservations, reduced selling times, reduction of agent commissions, interest savings and HOA fees paid by selling out their project quicker than traditional sales and marketing methods. Builders and developers can now offer the same homes for a lower price while maintaining the same, if not higher profit margins, Said Uberti.

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First Release Homes, Inc., is one of the largest “coming-soon and just-released” new home resources for homebuilders seeking the best value and return on investment for advertising and marketing new homes and condos online. For more information about First Release Homes, visit them online or call 888-907-7770.

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