Homeowners in Foreclosure Get Some Help From Writer

Homeowners in Foreclosure Get Some Help From Writer-Image by respres via Flickr

Proceeds from “The Home Equity Acceleration Plan” to help families keep their homes

With over 2.2 million homes nationwide in foreclosure, KS Publications, Inc. has announced that the H.E.A.P.™ Charitable Foundation will donate money to families threatened with losing their homes.

The foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, was founded by Roccy DeFrancesco, the nation’s leading trainer of advanced planning concepts. All of Roccy’s profits from the book, “The Home Equity Acceleration Plan (H.E.A.P.™),” as well as from the book’s associated products and services, will be donated to the foundation.

“We are thrilled to promote Roccy’s book and his strategies and we are more than thrilled that the H.E.A.P.™ Foundation will provide assistance to homeowners who really need it,” said Monique Harris, spokesperson for KS Publications, Inc. “This initiative demonstrates the H.E.A.P.™ Foundation’s commitment to helping people stay in their homes.”

In “The Home Equity Acceleration Plan,” Roccy teaches homeowners how to save thousands of dollars in interest payments by paying off their home mortgage five, ten and even 15 or more years early using the H.E.A.P.™ concept.

The author is about to embark on a national tour where he will sign copies of his books and give a brief seminar explaining how consumers can use H.E.A.P.™ to pay off their home mortgage early without altering their spending habits.

Roccy will also give consumers tips from his book “Bad Advisors: How to Identify Them & How to Avoid Them,” which exposes insider secrets about the financial services industry and unveils the worst fears many people have about their advisors, including financial planners, insurance agents, attorneys, CPAs, EAs and accountants.

“Roccy has a wide depth of knowledge that he actively shares with people all over the world,” Harris said. “His seminars are extremely informative and provide a ton of resources for people to make the most out of their assets and investments.”

Churches, social service agencies, non-profit organizations, and businesses are asked to contact KS Publications, Inc. to learn how they can get involved with the H.E.A.P.™ Charitable Foundation.

To learn more about the H.E.A.P.™ Charitable Foundation and Roccy’s book tour, visit http://www.kspublicationsinc.com.

About Roccy DeFrancesco :

Roccy is the nation’s leading trainer of advanced planning concepts for financial, insurance, mortgage, accounting and legal professionals. Roccy’s books are published by KS Publications, Inc.

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