Homeowners in Foreclosure Get Help From National Home Advocacy Group

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National Home Advocacy Group, a southern California community-based organization, announced its expansion to offer its services that protect and educate homeowners throughout all the United States. National Home Advocacy Group (NHAG) offers advice, advisement, and direction on foreclosure, financing, bankruptcy, and modification to help individuals navigate America’s changing real estate financing landscape. Now with an exclusive REST Report license, NHAG is taking its services coast-to-coast with proven results to fully educate individuals about their options and help homeowners help themselves.

National Home Advocacy Group steps in to help homeowners with solid information and guidance that gets them back on track to stop foreclosure and create a better financial future. Often the best decision is a hard one to hear, such as restructuring their mortgage or actually selling a home, however NHAG provides an honest assessment in order to make informed decisions that families need. Options advised can include the Home Affordable Modification Program, refinance options, foreclosure defense, bankruptcy, lien elimination, short sale, or sometimes it is simply a matter of document preparation. However, at NHAG the process begins with analysis so National Home Advocacy Group is proud to be an exclusive REST Report licensee.

The REST Report is generated by the REST software platform that provides loan disposition analysis used by major banks and mortgage servicers. Financial institutions use the Report’s 11 pages of specifics about a property and financial situation to compare the options against the cost of a foreclosure. When combined with the required supporting documents, the Report can be used by a homeowner to get approval for a loan modification, short sale, or other beneficial outcome.

NHAG uses the REST Report as a foundation of analysis and with it offers free consultation and review. No fees are accepted for document preparation services until the entire process has been completed. As the Company is not a licensed CPA or Attorney, complex cases are referred to a trusted network of Legal and Real Estate Professionals. More information about National Home Advocacy Group services can be found at the www.nationalhomeadvocacygroup.com.

“We are proud to expand our services that had been first solely California, and then West Coat, now to a comprehensive and truly national scope. Today foreclosures make headlines regularly, bankruptcies are at record levels, and finance policy is a political hot potato … making homeowners worried and confused. National Home Advocacy Group brings clarity and options to homeowners, often at no additional cost,” said James Mowrer, Director of Operations at National Home Advocacy Group. “Even homeowners who are already involved in a loan modification can benefit from the REST Report and the analysis that NHAG’s counselors provide.”

About National Home Advocacy Group

National Home Advocacy Group (NHAG) provides specialty financial consultation and services that help homeowners help themselves. The company combines unique reporting tools and cutting-edge programs that educate homeowners about their options and save their home with peace of mind. With years of Legal and Real Estate experience, NHAG combines loan modification, bankruptcy, loan refinance, lien elimination, and debt restructuring approaches that are powered by state-of-the art technology and reporting. For more information visit our website: www.nationalhomeadvocacygroup.com.

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