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Deloitte has released the results of its 25th Annual Holiday Survey of consumers’ spending intentions and trends for the 2010 holiday season. Among Deloitte’s findings for the Seattle area:

Seattleites intend to spend cautiously, but socializing remains a priority

* Consumers in Seattle say they plan to spend $979 on holiday shopping compared to $1,160 for all survey respondents nationally. Of the surveyed regions, only Minneapolis and Indiana respondents plan to spend less than Seattle consumers this holiday season.
* Seattle respondents indicate that one-quarter (25 percent) of their planned holiday spending will go toward “socializing away from home.”  As a percentage of total spending, this is higher than every other surveyed metro except Chicago.

Technology is a “Great Enabler” for Seattle consumers

* When asked how their shopping behavior has changed over their shopping lifetime, nearly half (45 percent) of Seattle respondents said that they shop more online.
* More than half (51 percent) say they are smarter about prices because they can comparison shop for the best price.
* Nearly one- third (29 percent) of Seattle consumers say they feel more confident about buying a product because they can check online to get recommendations from others first.
* More than one in 10 (13 percent) Seattle respondents indicate that they will turn to mobile phones for information about pricing and promotions, store locations, product information and reviews this holiday season.

Gift cards hold the top spot on shoppers’ lists, followed by clothing and books

* Gift cards land at the top of the list of gift items consumers in Seattle plan to purchase, followed by clothing, books, CDs and DVDs, and toys.
* Books are more popular than in other surveyed metros, with 39 percent of Seattle respondents saying they plan to buy books, compared to 31 percent of national respondents.
* Toys are less popular, with less than one-third (28 percent) saying they plan to buy toys, compared to 35 percent of national respondents.

Seattleites seem more optimistic about the economy than the national average, but still appear concerned about their household financial situations

* Nearly half (48 percent) of Seattle respondents think the economy will improve next year compared to 39 percent of all survey respondents in the U.S.
* In line with the national results, many Seattleites (82 percent) feel secure about their jobs through 2011.
* On the other hand, only one in five Seattleites (22 percent) think their household financial situation is better than last year. Seattleites are more likely to say that their financial situation is worse (38 percent compared to 34 percent nationally).

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About the Survey

The survey was commissioned by Deloitte and conducted online by an independent research company between September 23 and October 10, 2010. The survey polled a sample of 12,418 consumers nationwide, with a Seattle sample size of 519, and has a margin of error for the entire sample of plus or minus one percentage point.

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