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Gold bullion coins are becoming the worldwide financial market darling as the International Monetary Fund IMF fails to broker currency agreements. Delegates from world economic powers met this past weekend in Washington to discuss what is being labeled as a “currency war”. Both the United States and China are now openly denouncing each other of pursuing self-interest when it comes to their economic administration. The failure of the IMF to reach a concession means that next month’s G-20 meeting in Seoul will be seen as the last chance to avoid a critical expansion in the currency wars.

US gold coins dealer Regal Assets has been encouraging its clients to follow these events as it may trigger variables that will cause the US dollar to be devalued. Regal has developed one of the strongest reputations among it’s client for precious metal investments and hedging gold against inflation. Regal was one of the industry gold leaders in 2009 to predict that gold would hit $1,350 by the end of 2010 and has developed a strong following of educated investors.

The demand for gold bullion coins has caused an international shortage among some of the more popular forms of gold coins to include the Krugerrand and Swiss gold franc. Last week the US mint released a statement that they are depleted of the 24k Buffalo gold bullion. While Regal has been able to meet all the demands of their clients they have recently added Mexican gold pesos and French gold francs to its offering for American gold investors.

The Mexican gold coin was minted as a 1.2 ounce coin in 1921 and is the only over-sized gold coin minted to date. Today the Mexican gold coins are regaining there popularity because it contains more gold than any other gold bullion or gold coin. Gold Mexican peso coins were one of the most traded forms of gold internationally until the Krugerrand was minted in 1970. The 1 ounce gold Krugerrand coin became a standard displacing the Mexican gold coins in popularity. Today the gold peso stands alone in size and gold content.

The French gold francs are perhaps the most overlooked gold coins available due to it’s neighbor the Swiss gold franc. The gold Swiss franc has one of the strongest reputations in the global marketplace due to Switzerland’s historic financial status. However, it is the gold French franc that not only has the same properties as Swiss gold, but a more diversified history. Gold investors are embracing the gold French franc for it’s content and collectible.

Regal Assets now offers these gold coins to Americans looking to diversify and meet the changing financial environment. Gold Mexican coins and gold French francs can now be delivered anywhere in the US by Fedex 2 day delivery so Americans can take immediate physical possession. These world gold coins can be ordered by phone 1-888-700-9887 or buy gold online at


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