Gold Bullion and Gold Coins Becoming Scarce as Demand Increases

Gold Bullion and Gold Coins Becoming Scarce as Demand Increases-Image via Wikipedia

Swiss gold francs where minted from 1896 to 1949 with the majority of these gold coins already in private ownership. These gold francs are favored in the international marketplace as Switzerland maintains one of the highest reputations for quality minting. Gold dealers worldwide have seen the inventory of these Swiss coins dwindle as gold prices soar and gold investors are placing larger orders.

The Swiss franc is not the only gold investment to feel the pressures of supply and demand. Recently, and anonymous Swiss buyer purchased a large order of Krugerrands from the Rand Refinery in Africa causing a shortage until mid-September. This event defined the current gold market strain as the gold Krugerrand is the most widely traded gold bullion on the market today.

Gold dealer Regal Assets has recently expanded its offering to accommodate American buyers seeking specific gold bullion and gold coins. Regal now offers the British gold sovereign and French gold francs which are similar in gold content and value to the Swiss franc. All of these world gold coins are internationally recognized and are traded in every country in the world.

The demand for gold can be felt on a local level here in the United States as by law the US has to produce the American Gold Eagle coins to meet requested requisitions. The US mint has stopped producing fractional gold along with suspending the production of 24k buffalo gold coins and gold proof coins so that the gold American Eagles can be produced to keep up with public demand.

Regal Assets is encouraging its clients to take advantage of what’s available on the market today. Regal currently has all gold options available to include the Swiss gold franc and the Krugerrand. Americans can have gold ship direct to their homes for physical delivery by calling 1-888-700-9887 or buy gold online at

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