Autochartist’s ambition is to listen to their client’s needs and offer valuable solutions, to this end their new service, named “AlpariAM”, is completely geared towards giving traders as much valuable information as possible, and in the shortest achievable time, for opportunities in the Forex market. It’s almost like a take-away espresso – it packs a lot of punch while being quick and easy to digest.

AlpariAM is based on the world-renowned technical analysis service that made Autochartist so popular among retail traders. The identified opportunities are visual signals that people find easy to understand and use to quickly formulate their opinions on market direction. This, in combination with other basic technical indicators such as RSI and moving averages, gives AlpariAM the potency that enables traders to assimilate the information in a short time.

Indeed, this product is aimed at traders who need a quick overview of the forex market. The interface is simple and intuitive with both text and images that describe key levels of support and resistance. This is available in eleven languages, and graphically illustrates the patterns that have formed with the direction in which price movements are expected to move.

The Chief Operating Officer of Autochartist, Erik Voges, says, “The simplicity and crispness of this interface is enough to please most traders , but the real power behind this interface lies with the amount of information that it enables traders to absorb in a very short time.”

Since Alpari account holders are spread far and wide across the globe, it makes sense for these reports to be released three times daily, at the opening of trade in the 3 most influential forex markets, starting with Tokyo in the morning, and followed by London and then New York. With each update around a dozen of the latest chart pattern formations are displayed on the currency pair graphs. These opportunities typically have a lifespan of between 6 to 40 hours, during which they can be considered trade-able.

Autochartist currently boasts a high statistical average – around 70% of chart patterns reaching their forecast levels. With such a remarkable track record, versatile tools and commitment to their clients, Autocharist remains the global leader in chart pattern recognition.

“We are very excited to launch an innovative new research tool like ‘Alpari AM’ in partnership with a high-caliber name such as Autochartist. Our long-standing relationship gave us the opportunity of being the first broker in the FX space to offer this product making our clients the first traders to sample it in action.”, said George Tchetvertakov, Head of Market Research at Alpari (UK).

About Autochartist

After being founded in 2004, Autochartist currently services the largest and most successful on-line brokerage firms and institutions. More than 2,000,000 chart patterns are viewed by customers in over 80 countries worldwide. Scanning a wide array of instruments like Forex, CFDs, equities and commodities, Autochartist has established itself and has remained an important value adding service for Brokers, Market Makers and Educational companies

About Alpari

With a history dating back to 1998, the Alpari companies (“Alpari”) are among the world’s fastest growing providers of online foreign exchange (“FX”, “Forex”) trading services. The companies provide cutting edge technology, low-cost trading, comprehensive market research tools, advanced educational programmes and world-class customer service.
The group of Alpari companies has offices in over 20 countries. Locations include London, New York, Tokyo, Shanghai, Dubai, Moscow, Mumbai and Frankfurt. Combined, the companies look after over 170,000 active trading accounts, generating monthly trading volumes in excess of $210 billion and employ over 630 people worldwide.

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