Fire Protection Services for Your Business- New Reveal

Fire Protection Services for Your Business- New Reveal-Image via Wikipedia

There are several fire protection services out there vital to preventing fires. Even sprinklers can play a vital role in the overall affect fires have on everything. Learning all the tips surrounding the prevention and control of fires is important, because it could end up saving your life or someone else’s.

Whenever a fire does break out somewhere like an industrial plant, factory, oil rig, mall, airport, or commercial building, fire protection is essential to the safety of everyone involved.

Such passive fire protection plays a very important role in case of a pool fire, hydrocarbon fire, cellulose fire, or a jet fire since such fires can quickly spread out of control if they are not controlled at the source itself. Passive fire protection services include vermiculite plaster coating on various steel surfaces including complete steel structures and tanks to form a cost-effective barrier against fire for a period of up to two hours. This golden period can be enough for fire fighters to arrive and take over fighting the contained fire in an aggressive manner.

Another type of passive fire protection can be initiated in the form of intumescent coatings that are applied as thin water or solvent based coatings on solid or hollow steel structures. These coatings can also be applied in the form of epoxy coatings on structural steel, bulkheads and LPG tanks.

Once they are exposed to the heat they will turn into bad conductors, and if it’s inside steel or plastic pipes, it’s definitely a huge benefit.This will make the fire lead down the pipes instead of spreading throughout the area.

You also need adequate certification with a higher degree of safety. Then again, you have plenty of other options like; fire barriers, ceilings, fire, and smoke curtains, fire stopping seals, and even industrial or residential duct coating.

Learning more about fire protection services like the information we mentioned above can be viewed at It is a South African based company that offers passive fire protection, and help with your fire protection services needed for a particular job. Even extensive locations like airports, underground metros, LPG vessels, diamond drilling rigs, offshore platforms, and even normal buildings can all be handled by BICS Fireproofing.

Controlling a fire is extremely difficult, especially when you’re not sure what to do. The best thing is to learn all the ins and outs of the fire protection industry. If you don’t, those same fires will rage out of control and cause damage as well as injuries or even death. If you’re building now then it’s possible you want those fire protection services integrated in to the building process. Then again, it’s still possible to have this done afterwards. Whatever you decide upon there is no wrong answer. It’s all about getting that first line of defense and keeping your assets and family or employees safe. Those who can do that will be the ones that use the right fire protection services out there.

Jim Kerr is Owner of B.I.C.S. Fireproofing, a firm of Passive Fire Protection Professionals located in Benoni, South Africa. To get more information, go to Passive Fire Protection

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