A Texas mortgage professional improves his credit score by more than 150 points in 4 months utilizing S&S Private Capital, Inc.’s credit repair technology, S.O.S. – Score Optimization Systems.

“After retaining the services of several other credit repair companies prior to S&S and not receiving the results promised by these firms, I was very reluctant to take any chances with another company,” stated Aidonmiyi. “I have referred many of my mortgage clients to numerous credit repair companies in the past only to be disappointed and not receive the promises they had made. However, after speaking with Gene Schwalen and his staff, I felt there was a light at the end of the tunnel. I was extremely impressed by their expertise and professionalism as they really know how the credit reporting and scoring system works. Being in desperate need to refinance my personal mortgage, I decided to take one more chance on my personal file before referring any of my clients to them, and they more than delivered on all of their promises!”

With an original credit score of 493, S&S Private Capital’s S.O.S. – Score Optimization Systems was able to analyze Aidonmiyi’s credit report, identify reporting errors and inaccuracies, and take immediate action to eliminate the damaging information reporting to his credit report utilizing the consumer laws and statutes that govern credit reporting practices. In just four months time, his scores shot over a 650 which is more than high enough to meet the FHA credit score requirements which are currently at 640 with most lenders.

Even with the much stricter lending guidelines, mortgage meltdowns and the deteriorating real estate market, Aidonmiyi and his mortgage company, Dynamic Mortgage, have been able to increase their business by utilizing the S.O.S. – Score Optimization Systems for their realtors and clients. They are able to close more loans than ever before while helping their clients obtain all of their home ownership and refinance goals due to the credit repair success S.O.S provides. “After seeing the amazing results S.O.S. provided me with my own credit report, I have been able to use myself as a testimonial to help more clients obtain their home loans by also taking advantage of the success Score Optimization Systems provides,” expressed Aidonmiyi.

S&S Private Capital, Inc. and its S.O.S. – Score Optimization Systems focus on credit report repair, and more importantly, credit score optimization. The S.O.S. consulting services educate clients on how to obtain their home loan and other financial goals while qualifying for the most competitive rates and programs. In business since 1998, the developers of Score Optimization Systems have helped more than 25,000 thousand clients including individuals, families and businesses across the country in realizing the gift of a great credit rating and the value it brings. More information about S.O.S. results can be found at http://www.scoreoptimizationsystems.com.


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