Credit Card Processing Fees Eliminated for Business Owners

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Credit Card Processing for Free Allows Merchants to Completely Eliminate Their Credit Card Processing Fees Through Social Media

Credit Card Processing For Free, a merchant service technology company, announced today a new solution to the rising costs of traditional credit card processing.

“Since merchants must accept Visa or MasterCard as a form of payment, they are left at the mercy of the credit card companies and required to pay the associated fees,” said Kathryn Hackett, Sales Manager at CCPFF. “The outcome could possibly wipe out a store’s–particularly a small store’s–profits, while increasing the amount of fees paid to large banks.”

Credit Card Processing for Free (CCPFF) has developed a patent pending technology to eliminate a merchant’s processing fees entirely. Merchants that run their accounts through CCPFF receive a unique discount code that they can share with businesses through social networks. When merchants share the discount with another business, each business gets up to a 20 percent discount off their total fees.

“Processing credit cards for my business used to cost me thousands every month,” said Paul B., CCPFF merchant with “I can’t believe how much I’m saving now! Every business owner needs to know about Credit Card Processing for Free!”

“Discounts continue each and every month as long as both businesses are with CCPFF,” said Hackett. “The more merchants share, the more discounts they will receive. If the discount is shared with enough businesses, merchants can completely eliminate their fees and process for free.”

Credit card companies charge nearly 2 percent of the total purchase as an interchange fee, resulting in over $40 billion in hidden credit card fees every year. Credit Card Processing For Free has taken a stand against traditional processing companies, by allowing business owners keep their processing fees each month.

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