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An investment group led by industry veteran J. Smoke Wallin is pleased to announce it has finalized the purchase of Napa Smith Brewery & Winery bringing it into the family of companies which includes Pelican Brands. Napa Smith Beer has developed a growing following in the Craft Beer category, is currently in 17 states, and will be available nationally by the summer of 2011. Earlier this year, Napa Smith appointed Pelican Brands as its exclusive sales representatives in the United States.

J. Smoke Wallin, Chairman & CEO of Pelican Brands and Napa Smith Holdings, said, “The craft beer business is the fastest growing category of beverage alcohol in America. Napa Smith has all the right attributes to become one of the few truly global brands of craft beer – amazing beer from one of the most respected names in the craft brewing industry, distinctive packaging, Napa terroir. These attributes combined with our Pelican Brands global distribution capability, experienced management team and our access to capital give us all the necessary elements to achieve great success.” Wallin continued, “This acquisition is a great strategic fit combined with Pelican Brands as we build a global sales and brand platform, of both owned and agency brands. We look forward to building Napa Smith into an iconic craft beer brand with President Steve Morgan and Master Brewer Don Barkley.”

Steve Morgan, President & COO of Napa Smith Holdings stated, “This is a very positive development for our business. In 2010 Napa Smith – through Pelican’s sales and distribution platform – has expanded into 17 states. With the capital, resources and relationships that Pelican brings to the mix, our beer will be available nationally by mid 2011. Napa has become known world-wide for great wines, and deservedly so. We are proud to hand-craft our beer here in Napa Valley with the same level of quality and attention to detail that built Napa’s global reputation.”

Don Barkley, Master Brewer said, “I’m doing what I love to do – brewing great beer. Smoke and the whole Pelican team are my kind of people. They appreciate the importance of brewing beer right. At the same time, they bring scale and resources that will help Napa Smith reach many more thirsty consumers, which is something I’m passionate about!”

About Napa Smith Brewery

Napa Smith Brewery is located at the southern gateway to Napa Valley, just south of the town of Napa. Napa Valley is internationally known as a destination for those individuals who seek the best that life has to offer. Napa Smith is proud to contribute to the Napa tradition of hard work, craftsmanship, and artistry with the introduction of its unique family of beers. It creates its beers using proprietary recipes developed by Master Brewer Don Barkley – a veteran of 30+ years in the craft brewing industry. Much of the Napa Smith’s growth has been fueled by its Signature Series of beers. Offered in 4-packs, 22 oz bottles, and draught, Organic IPA and Lost Dog Red Ale have attracted national interest from both distributors and chains. Napa Smith Amber Ale, Napa Smith Pale Ale, and Napa Smith Lost Dog Red Ale are all recipients of Gold Medals at the California State Fair. And on Facebook: And follow us on Twitter: @Napa_Smith.

About Don Barkley, Master Brewer

Don Barkley is one of America’s most experienced craft brewers, having brewed professionally for 32 years. Don started brewing in 1978 at New Albion Brewery, America’s first new brewery since Prohibition. After 5 years there he moved to help found Mendocino Brewing Company, where he spent 25 years as Master Brewer. While at Mendocino Don became an icon in the craft beer industry, creating such legendary beers as Red Tail Ale and Eye of the Hawk. Don has now returned to his family’s home in Napa Valley – where they have lived for 6 generations – to craft the award-winning and rapidly growing beers of Napa Smith Brewery. Don has done his best work yet at Napa Smith – developing every beer in the portfolio including the savory Lost Dog Red Ale, the innovative Organic IPA, and a strong portfolio of 3 rotating seasonal beers.

About Pelican Brands

Pelican Brands manages a portfolio of owned and agency premiere import & craft beers, artisanal spirits and fine wines. Pelican Brands’ team and partners have extensive experience in the global beverage and consumer packaged goods industries. Pelican Brands is headquartered in Carmel, IN, offices in the United Kingdom and Napa, CA and a sales team covering the U.S. market and select international markets. And on Facebook: And follow us on Twitter: @pelicanbrands.

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