Commodity Traders: Index to be Revalued

Commodity Traders: Index to be Revalued-Image by heatingoil via Flickr

Jim Rogers and Beeland Interests, Inc. announced today the following adjustments to the Rogers International Commodity Index® (RICI®).

The RICI Committee decided to reduce the weight of Wheat (CBOT) from 6% to 4.75% and to increase the weight of Rice (CBOT) from 0.50% to 0.75%.  In addition, the RICI Committee decided to add Milling Wheat (NYSE Liffe) as a new component to the RICI at the weight of 1%. These adjustments will be implemented during the January 2011 roll period and re-evaluated by the RICI Committee at its next annual meeting in December 2011.

The RICI represents the value of a compendium (or “basket”) of globally traded commodities (38 commodity futures upon effecting these adjustments) employed in the global economy, ranging from agricultural and energy products to metals and minerals.  The RICI and its various sub-indexes are used by many investment banks and investors throughout the world.  As of the end of November 2010, the RICI had increased by over 250% since inception.

Jim Rogers, an advocate of commodities-based investing, created the RICI in 1997 and 1998 and is the CEO of Beeland Interests, Inc., the owner of the Index. The RICI Committee, currently chaired by Jim Rogers, determines the Index components and weights.  Jim Rogers also is the author of Investment Biker, Adventure Capitalist, Hot Commodities, A Bull In China and A Gift to My Children.

“Jim Rogers”, “James Beeland Rogers, Jr.”, and “Rogers” are trademarks and service marks of, and “Rogers International Commodity Index” and “RICI” are registered trademarks and service marks of, Beeland Interests, Inc., which is owned and controlled by James Beeland Rogers, Jr., and are used subject to license.  The personal names and likeness of Jim Rogers/James Beeland Rogers, Jr. are owned and licensed by James Beeland Rogers, Jr.

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