Clopton Capital, a commercial mortgage provider based in Chicago, is forecasting no increase or measurable change in commercial mortgage interest rates in 2013. This prediction is based on numerous factors including political, economic and proprietary to the commercial mortgage industry. “Via direct conduits, current commercial mortgage interest rates are at best, in the neighborhood of 3%. This make borrowing commercial capital incredibly cost effective and advantageous and we are pleased to state that these commercial mortgage interest rates will likely continue to exist throughout next year”, said Jake Clopton, the founder of Clopton Capital.

The firm states that if sudden or unprecedented borrowing costs were to increase, whether this be transactional costs or simply an increase in interest, the firm will be swift in notifying their prospects, clients and the general public. “If commercial mortgage interest rates were to somehow soar suddenly, we would immediately draft a mass email to our clients and issue a press release explaining why this has happened, what is means for our clients and what we intend to do to adapt to the issue as a firm”, said Jake Clopton.

Clopton Capital intends to continue utilizing commercial mortgages in 2013 as their primary mechanism for funding new and existing commercial real estate projects. Commercial real estate owners and business owners are encouraged to visit for more information about commercial loan options available presently.

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