offers new database of Financial Advisors and Registered Reps of Broker Dealer wire houses and independent BDs.

Uzurp announces the official launch of their new Financial Advisor database. The new database makes it easy to research and contact financial advisors and registered reps of broker dealer wire house firms and independent BDs.

“Whether you’re looking for Merrill Lynch, Wells Fargo, LPL, UBS, or all the rest, our new Financial Advisor database is extremely comprehensive,” explains Christopher Joyce, CEO of Uzurp Inc. “Like all our products, the new database is affordable and easy to use.”

The Financial Advisor Registered Representative database provides complete financial advisor information for all major and independent broker dealers including details, license information, location, education, groups, and of course full email information, all easily usable and fully downloadable. Throughout the past year, the Uzurp databases have been helpful to a wide range of businesses ranging from software, compliance, and recruiting, to public relations, securities attorneys, mutual funds and hedge funds .

With the introduction of the Financial Advisor Registered Rep database, now has three main products, including the Registered Investment Advisor (RIA database) and the Broker Dealer database (BD Database). The Registered Investment Advisor database includes updated and in-depth information on more than 36,000 RIA firms. The Broker Dealer database features detailed information about more than 5,000 Broker Dealers across the country. Databases are accessible for only $999 per year making it a more affordable way for businesses to provide their team with access to this valuable information.

The benefits of using the new Financial Advisor Registered Representative database is that searches can now be filtered by over 140 different specific criteria, such as geographic location, amount of assets under management, type of organization, type of compensation, advisory activities, and more. Users also gain access to information for contacting key officers, owners, and decision-makers directly including email addresses.

The Financial Advisor, RIA, and BD databases are designed to be user-friendly, allow mobile downloads, and provide unlimited “cloud” usage. There is also free technical support and a discount for multiple users.

“Over the past year, a lot of companies have turned to to obtain Registered Investment Advisor and Broker Dealer information,” adds Joyce. “That’s because when you compare Uzurp to others, people can see ours is affordable, comprehensive, and a much greater value. With over 100,000 contacts, we know Uzurp is the most comprehensive and the best value.”

“If you’re looking for Financial Advisors and Registered Reps, Registered Investment Advisors, or Broker Dealers, offers a wealth of information,” adds Joyce. “Considering the price on our products, the return on investment can’t be beat.”

About Uzurp:
Uzurp Inc., based in Wilmington, Del., is a company that specializes in providing easy and affordable access to the Financial Advisor Registered Rep database as well as the Registered Investment Advisor database, and the Broker Dealer database. Their RIA database includes more than 36,000 RIA Firms and 100,000 contacts. The Broker Dealer database has over 5,000 Broker Dealer firms. Both can be accessed for a fraction of what their competitors typically charge. Uzurp Inc. is a Joyce Co company. To learn more about Uzurp, visit the website at

About Joyce Co:
Joyce Co., based in Wilmington, Del., is a business development company specializing in identifying revolutionary ideas and turning them into successful start-up companies. To learn more about Joyce Co, visit the site at


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