Konrad Kafarski and Special K Enterprises save prominent business in Southern California by offering business consulting services and increasing revenue by 300 percent.

For some companies, sales are growing and business is getter better despite the cold economy, but this wasn’t always the case. Business and sales consultant Konrad Kafarski is putting his experience to work for clients that have been struggling to make sales, facing bankruptcy, hitting a sales limit or simply needing to increase their efficiency.

With 20 years of industry experience, Konrad Kafarski has experienced all market conditions and knows what it takes to get businesses growing again. Kafarski’s independent consulting firm, Special K Enterprises, provides short-term and ongoing consulting services to all industries.

The Special K Enterprises Corporation develops new sales and management strategies that locate inefficiencies and increase productivity and business revenue. Special K Enterprises restructures sales operations and handles hiring and training procedures to develop a team that can sell products better. Under Konrad Kafarski’s oversight, the Special K Enterprises team rewrites sale scripts and teaches management and sales professionals how to prequalify prospects and spend marketing dollars more effectively.

Coming up from the back of the pack to become the market leader isn’t impossible. Konrad Kafarski has helped various prominent Southern California businesses avoid bankruptcy and experience an exponential increase in sales.

One client, who wishes to remain anonymous, tripled their annual income after completing a nine-month contract with the Special K Enterprises firm. This Orange County, California, business in the home improvement market was making $5 million annually before they contacted Special K Enterprises. After the short-term, nine-month contract, their annual revenue grew by 300 percent to $15.5 million.

Konrad Kafarski helped this business turn their profits in the right direction along with many others by offering short-term contracts to develop new marketing plans and assisting with management procedures. Konrad Kafarski now offers business consulting services to this company to ensure they are on the right path to maintain their position by making intelligent marking decisions.

Unlike other companies that only work with big players, Konrad Kafarski and Special K Enterprises work with small and mid-sized businesses that haven’t found the right business strategy yet. Konrad Kafarski brings insight gained over 20 years in the marketing industry and 5 years as an independent consultant. Konrad Kafarski and Special K Enterprises have a track record of success when it comes to turning struggling businesses around with new sales strategies and marketing campaigns that are worth the money. Visit Konrad Kafarski at http://www.LinkedIn.com/in/KonradKafarski to learn more about Special K Enterprises and their business consulting services.


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