Belize Real Estate Sales Climbing

Belize Real Estate Sales Climbing-Image by Bob Reck via Flickr

One of the biggest eco-developments in Belize Real Estate reportedly sold 16 units in February in what is traditionally considered the weakest month for real estate.  Benefiting from the renowned Caribbean weather and well-coordinated tours to potential buyers, Sanctuary Belize reported that lots were selling at a far quicker rate than originally forecasted.

The Central American country has long been favored by North American investors and vacationers alike for their friendly tax rates, quality of life, weather, environment and being the only Central American country to have English as its official language.  In recent years Belize has begun to earn a reputation as the premier eco-tourist destination in the world. With Belize Real Estate developments like Sanctuary Belize, the road for many potential buyers in colder climates looking for a second or vacation homes in a balmier climate has made real estate in Belize a sound investment.

When contacted, a Sanctuary Belize spokesperson said, “We were ecstatic to see many buyers and the feedback from those that have attended our tours has been extremely positive as we continue to add neighbors to this wonderful community.  Sixteen sales would have been a phenomenal month for anytime of the year but to do so in February just goes to show just how hot the real estate market in Belize is right now.  I strongly encourage anyone looking at real estate to schedule a tour with us to see Belize and get in before prices go up. For the price and quality of life there simply is nowhere else you’d rather be.”

About Sanctuary Belize

Created in a partnership with the Sittee River Wildlife Reserve, in Sanctuary Belize, we wanted to make the dream of property ownership in a Caribbean paradise an affordable reality. We are also committed to developing our community responsibly and respectfully, with as minimal impact to the natural surroundings and wildlife as possible.

As part of this commitment, we partner with architects, designers and builders who employ green technology innovations that are ecologically sound, economically feasible, while conserving the environment. Our mission is to build high-quality living environments that enhance quality of life, generate a return on investment, while leaving a minimal footprint.

CONTACT: Brandi Greenfield, +1-949-673-4270,, for Sanctuary Belize

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