Belize Real Estate: Discounts on Building Lots Still Available

Belize Real Estate: Discounts on Building Lots Still Available

Sanctuary Belize is excited to announce that we are down to only 15 Phase I lots left out of the original 186 that were released. Sanctuary Belize now has over 170 owners. Wanting to finish our best year ever as strong as possible, we have decided to take an additional 10% off the selling price of any Phase I lot (in addition to any payment discounts). All of our Belize Real Estate deals must close within 3 months, so you can lock it in now and still have time to take the tour. For those of you who are looking to get in with little money out of pocket, how does 0% down 0% interest sound? This promotion is now available for all remaining Phase I Water Way Village lots.

Developed in a collaborative partnership with the Sittee River Wildlife Reserve, Sanctuary Belize is a rare example of a progressive, eco-friendly development designed for people as passionate as we are about preserving and protecting the 10,000+ acres of land and rainforest in the nature reserve. In creating Sanctuary Belize, we wanted to make the dream of property ownership in a Caribbean paradise an affordable reality.

Belize Real Estate is on the rise; and with many positive factors such as English being the national language, a friendly tax situation, and a Qualified Retirement Program, Belize Real Estate has become the hottest place in Central America to invest in property.

A Sanctuary Belize spokesperson said, “This has been our best year yet. Sanctuary Belize ownership is growing fast. With over 170 residents and only a few Phase I lots left we wanted to wrap the year up with a bang by giving 10% off the people who get in the last few Phase I lots.”

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About Sanctuary Belize

Our mission is to offer our buyers homes and home sites that are as beautiful as the natural world that embraces them; and to build high-quality living environments that enhance quality of life and generate a return on investment, while leaving a small footprint.

We are also committed to developing our community responsibly and respectfully, with as minimal impact to the natural surroundings and wildlife as possible. We invite you to share our vision to preserve paradise.

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