Less than $50 enables fans of Greece to legally purchase beachfront land on the fabled island of Lipsi for island souvenirs or one of a kind gifts for friends and loved ones.

Quote startThis is just an amazing way to commemorate Greece and Grecian cultureQuote end

Owning your own beachfront land has never been easier. Today, thanks to the arrival of http://www.buygreekislands.com – a website dedicated to Greek island culture – lovers and enthusiasts of Greece can purchase their own Greek island property on a real Greek island.

Sold as novelty plots of land for just under $50, the gift of a small plot of land overlooking the Aegean Sea is now able to be bought and owned for the lifetime of the buyer. Although building on the small plot is not permitted, this Greek property is a very special way to honor someone’s Greek heritage, celebrate the history of Greece, and even serves as an island preservation tool ecologically.

“This is just an amazing way to commemorate Greece and Grecian culture,” stated Michael Westerhaus, trustee of Buy Greek Islands.com. “For anyone who has ever honeymooned in Greece or even just traveled the country on a vacation or cruise, you know what beautiful countryside and beaches are located there. I am delighted to be able to provide the opportunity to bring memories home with a lasting and legal purchase of a one-foot by one-foot beachfront plot.”

The purchase of the Greek property includes a frame-ready certificate of ownership, a trust agreement outlining the details of your purchase, a photograph overlooking the specific plot purchased, and a location grid that shows the exact location of your plot of land.

Lipsi, which is located southeast of the mainland of Greece, was made famous by the poet Homer as part of the Dodecanesa islands that are celebrated in his literary epics The Odyssey and The Iliad. The island is also just a few miles away from the Isle of Patmos, where the Apostle John was exiled and had the visions that became the Book of Revelations in the New Testament.

“The unique purchase of this land makes not only a great gift, it’s also a chance to own a piece of cultural, literary and religious history,” explained Westerhaus. “So much happened in this part of the world in the early centuries, it’s just a fantastic touchstone to history.”
Plots can be purchased now directly online by visiting http://www.buygreekislands.com.

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