Asiana Airlines -An Emerging Leader in Asian Air Travel

Asiana Airlines -An Emerging Leader in Asian Air Travel-Image via Wikipedia

Asiana Airlines is not as well known as lots of other airlines. But, experienced travelers are starting to take notice of all the acclaim it’s been receiving in recent years. Even those who travel in its Economy Class (called Travel Class by Asiana) find that the amenities and service are way above average. If you had question about Asiana Airlines being a good choice for Asian flight, then this article will help you to answer a few questions.

Asiana Airlines has been in business since 1988, when it was started by a group of private investors and became South Korea’s second airline. In the beginning it only served with flights to Busan, which is the second largest city in South Korea after Seoul. Since then, it’s greatly expanded its areas of operation and it now offers international service to 67 cities in 20 different countries and 4 continents -Asia, Europe, North America and Oceania. Today Asiana Airlines is a mid-sized international carrier that is centered in Seoul and has a great reputation for its efficiency and outstanding service. Now, Asiana Airlines offers cargo services in addition to passenger flights. This airline, which is listed on the Korean stock exchange, is doing quite well financially, especially in these difficult times for airlines, and its projected earnings for 2010 are over $700 million.

If you are flying on Asiana Airlines, you may want to travel to other place in Asia, if your schedule will allow it. A lot of times you can go to more than one country during one trip, which will allow you to save money on separate airline tickets.

For people who want to take a rare trip to see another portion of the world, it would be worth it to squeeze in as much as possible. The network that Asiana Airlines belongs to, Star Alliance, offers Round the World fares to make it easier to explore more destinations on a single journey.

Business Traveler magazine awarded Asiana Airlines with three “Best in Business Travel” awards for Best Flight Attendants in the world, Best In-Flight Services in the World, and Best Overall Customer Service for 2010. On December 10 the Sofitel Hotel in Los Angeles was host to the awards ceremony that recognized excellence in many airlines. This business publication doesn’t only focus on airlines but also provides important information and recommendations on hotels and other travel related businesses as well. The fact that Asiana Airlines has received these awards is a good sign that they are doing something right often enough to be recognized for it.

Asiana Airlines not only impresses travelers but also travel magazines and websites with its commitment to excellent service. Many people today find flying stressful, so finding the right airline is now more important than ever. Taking the time to find an airline that removes a great deal of the stress for you will make the entire experience more pleasant. If you have any plans to travel to Asia, consider Asiana Airlines for an excellent travel experience.

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