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Innovative, Easy-to-use Payroll Management Application Compatible with Leading U.S. Smartphone Operating Platform

ADP ®, a leading provider of human resource outsourcing, payroll services, tax and compliance services, benefits administration and integrated computing solutions for vehicle dealers, today announced that its popular payroll management platform for small businesses, RUN Powered by ADP®, is now also available for the Android™ smartphone operating platform.  Clients using RUN Powered by ADP® can now download the free mobile payroll app for their Android™ smartphone and begin managing and processing payroll for their employees and contractors through their mobile device.

The Android operating platform is now the leading smartphone operating system in the United States with 31.2% of the market, according to recent research from comScore.  Following the launch of ADP’s highly successful first mobile payroll app for the iPhone® platform in October, 2010, today a larger population of small business owners can take advantage of ADP’s secure payroll solution on a mobile device.  Furthering the company’s commitment to continuous mobile enhancements, in the near future RUN Powered by ADP will soon be available on Blackberry devices.

“RUN Powered by ADP is redefining mobility for small business owners.  Now that our innovative payroll solution is accessible on the popular Android smartphones, many more professionals will be able to manage their payroll at any time from any location—simply by using ADP’s mobile app,” said Regina Lee, President of ADP’s Small Business Services and Major Account Services.  “RUN Powered by ADP offers a secure, convenient and remarkably efficient way to manage payroll, allowing users to administer payroll quickly and securely on a handheld device,” Lee added.

RUN Powered by ADP also satisfies the demand of an increasingly mobile workforce.  According to a 2010 nationwide survey conducted by ADP Research Institute, a specialized group within ADP, small businesses are leading the trend toward increased mobility.  The survey showed that 90 percent of small business executives spend at least some time outside of the office for business, averaging nine hours a week or 23 percent of a 40-hour work week.  Additionally, a third of that 90 percent indicated that time “on the go” is increasing.

“We are committed to delivering on our promise to help enable small business owners focus on what matters most to them—namely, growing their business and investing in their human capital,” Lee continued.  “Soon, our mobile payroll solution will also be available on BlackBerry-compatible devices to further increase its availability to small business owners on their device of choice,” Lee added.

ADP recently announced that 100,000 of its small business clients use the innovative and convenient RUN Powered by ADP online platform, which also helps to reduce risk by assisting them with best practices for HR compliance, including employee policy handbooks, hiring guidelines and employment law tips and alerts.

Jeff Phillips of HP Investments in Daly City, CA illustrated the convenience of ADP’s mobile solution.  “The freedom of being able to schedule my payroll runs on my calendar, set up an appointment and run payroll on the day it was due, anywhere I happened to be, was too much to pass up.  The iPhone app took a couple of minutes to find and install, and I ran my first payroll all from the 15th tee!” Phillips explained.

With RUN Powered by ADP payroll’s secure system, small businesses can:

  • Enter and review payroll information for employees and contractors;
  • Pay via checks or direct deposits;
  • Calculate earnings and deductions as well as federal, state and local taxes;
  • Review hours and earnings to confirm accuracy before payroll is processed;
  • Preview payroll liability and cash required, and confirm funds to be withdrawn;
  • Review reports from the current and previous periods in real time; and
  • Access HR411®, a suite of simple yet powerful tools to help better manage HR needs.

Whether using the online or mobile version, RUN Powered by ADP features an interface that allows business owners and executives to enter their workers’ hours and deductions, as well as calculate and preview payroll before approving.  It is available for free from both the Android Market ( and the App Store for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch (  It will soon be made available for RIM devices.

About ADP

Automatic Data Processing, Inc. (NASDAQ: ADP), with nearly $9 billion in revenues and about 550,000 clients, is one of the world’s largest providers of business outsourcing solutions.  Leveraging over 60 years of experience, ADP offers a wide range of HR, payroll, tax and benefits administration solutions from a single source. ADP’s easy-to-use solutions for employers provide superior value to companies of all types and sizes.  ADP is also a leading provider of integrated computing solutions to auto, truck, motorcycle, marine and recreational vehicle dealers throughout the world.  For more information about ADP or to contact a local ADP sales office, reach us at 1 (800) 225-5237 or visit the company’s website at

For more information, contact:
James Duffy
(973) 974 – 7612

Web Site:

Startup Expert is the simple way to launch your new business

Startup Expert has recently announced the launching of their new entrepreneurial advisory service. The service helps aspiring entrepreneurs and startups overcome common challenges that most entrepreneurs face in their first 24 months of operation.

With the state of the economy where it is and a lack of stable jobs, income security is a big thing on people’s minds. One of the most popular routes people are taking now is to venture out and start their own business. Entrepreneurship can be a very scary avenue for people because there are many unknowns. Some people may not feel they have enough experience, education or knowledge to be successful. Startup Expert was created to help those people.

“Startup Expert is geared towards people looking to start their own business and entrepreneurs who are looking to take their business to the next level,” said Dezmon Landers, founder of Startup Expert. “We offer a monthly advisory service which allows people to interact with our business strategists and advisory team to seek advice and troubleshoot problems as necessary.”

Startup Expert uses technology to collaborate with clients all over the world. Through webinars and other online software, the team at Startup Expert is able to connect and interact with clients to hold meetings, view and edit documents and more as if they were in the office working side by side.

In a time when having an edge over your competition can determine whether or not your business succeeds or fails, it is crucial to have a strong business plan as well as a strategy team to assist you in all of a business’s daily functions like marketing, accounting, sales pitches, human resources and more.

The team at Startup Expert consists of business professionals with over 60 years of real business experience in different industries — Internet, construction, legal, financing, advertising — who have the knowledge to take business from idea to revenue quickly.

“We created Startup Expert to help eliminate the confusion and guesswork of running a business,” said Landers. “Through webinars, strategy meetings, email, phone support and consultations with business advisors, we provide all of the vital pieces in one package.”

Working with Startup Expert is a very cost-effective way of getting the real information you need about starting and becoming profitable in your new business. Alternatively, consultations with individual advisors like attorneys, accounts and financial advisors can cost thousands of dollars. Taking the DIY or Do It Yourself approach isn’t necessarily wrong but it may take longer than anticipated and cost more money in the long run.

“Each of our packages offers unique services geared towards entrepreneurs whether they’re still working full-time or their business is experiencing rapid startup growth,” said Landers. “Our team has become successful in our individual fields because we execute strategies that work in the real business world.”

“It is important for people to realize that they don’t have to go through the ups and downs so commonly associated with opening a business,” said Landers. “They can start their business off on the right foot with Startup Expert’s services and hit the ground running. Large and small companies all over the world have boards of directors, advisors and consultants aiding in their success; why are new entrepreneurs any different?”

Startup Expert is like having your own personal business advisory team to bounce ideas off of and seek solutions to problems.

About Dezmon Landers

Dezmon Landers is a graduate of The Ohio State University and currently works as a Startup Business Strategist. He has real startup experience working with and, and through his efforts he’s helped raise more than $500,000 in venture capital. He also sat on the Ohio Department of Education’s Entrepreneurial Advisory Council. Having the chance to have worked closely with and be mentored by some of the top business professionals in the country, he has gained a strong understanding of what works and what doesn’t work when it comes to starting a new business.

For more information, visit:

CONTACT: Dezmon Landers, 404-941-4148, dezmon(at)startupexpert(dot)us

Web Site:

After years of litigation and battling with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, the Plaintiff in the case “Eden Isle Marina, Inc. vs. the United States of America” recently rested its case.

Ronnie and Liz Walters, owners of Eden Isle Marina, a commercial marina on Greers Ferry Lake in Heber Springs, Arkansas, believe they had no choice but to file a lawsuit against the country they were taught to love.  The Walters’ attorney Patrick James of James, Fink and House, P.A. stated, “Filing this lawsuit was the most painful thing these folks have ever had to do.”  He went on to say, “Political pressure, applied by some powerful people with special interests, persuaded the Corps of Engineers to shut down the Walters’ ability to grow this business, into which they’ve invested so much.  All the Walters are asking for is to have the right to take back what they originally paid for, which was taken from them.”

The Walters’ lawsuit against the government was filed in 2007 after apparent misrepresentation and concealed information were found during an environmental study which the Walters had commissioned in 2005.  This led to an approximate two-year investigation by the Walters’ counsel into Corps of Engineers files pertaining to Eden Isle Marina. The discoveries included the alleged use of political influence by an Arkansas Congressman in what should have been a mere administrative decision simply involving the addition of boat slips within the marina.

According to the Walters’ legal counsel, the cumulative information included a covert scheme strategically created and implemented to appease politicians being influenced by special interests.  The trial included the testimony of former Congressman Marion Berry and former Secretary of the Army for Civil Works, Martin Lancaster, among others.  Mr. Walters’ complaint asserts that the Corps of Engineers, acting in concert with politicians, denied them their right, under false pretenses, to conduct their business, and has yet to fulfill its promises or admit wrongdoing.

According to the trial record, problems for the Walters began when the U.S. Corps of Engineers filed a “cease and desist” order in 1996 to keep the Walters from building additional boat docks in their marina.  The Walters’ complaint alleges they were pressured by the Corps to give up the shoreline leasehold interest that was part of their original purchase of Eden Isle Marina in 1995 in exchange for an alternative shoreline lease that was subsequently shown to be unfeasible for a successful marina operation, effectively blocking the Walters from growing their business.

James stated, “This is a classic case of government abuse and an absolute lack of accountability by bureaucrats in the Corps of Engineers, unknowingly sponsored by U.S. taxpayers.  Those within the Corps that took these actions against the Walters have already moved on with their lives, forcing my clients to seek justice within our courts.  It’s sad that the Walters have spent years of time and much of what they’ve worked for in order to see this through.”

According to the latest court orders in the trial, the U.S. Government will file its next motion in late July, assuming no settlement is reached by that time, followed by a response brief from the Walters’ legal team in late August.  A news story about this case, written by Mark Friedman, reporting for Arkansas Business magazine, appeared in March, 2007, shortly after the suit was filed.  The transcript of the trial has just been made available to the public through the clerk’s office at the U.S. Court of Federal Claims in Washington, D.C., or through Heritage Court Reporting, at 202-628-4888.

For more information, contact:
Patrick James
James, Fink and House, P.A.
(501) 372-6555

Huntington (NASDAQ: HBAN; has once again gained in its national ranking for supporting small business lending. The U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) reported that Huntington has moved up one position to become the third most active SBA 7(a) loan provider in the country for the first six months of its fiscal year.

Huntington also remains the most active SBA 7(a) lender cumulatively, both in the number of loans made and overall dollar amount of those loans, within its six-state Midwest service area. Huntington outpaced its market competitors with more than three times the number of loans and more than twice the dollar volume.

“Huntington has made a very strong commitment to support small businesses and these rankings validate that we are delivering on that commitment and improving the resources we provide to small businesses each and every year,” said Steve Rhodes, Huntington’s director of business banking. “We are so dedicated to helping small businesses because we believe the more successful they are, the stronger our economy will become. And, nowhere is that more true than in the Midwest.”

According to the SBA, Huntington provided 1,191 SBA loans for a dollar amount of more than $188 million through the first six months ending March 31, 2011.

Huntington’s performance by the states it serves is as follows:

  • Ohio: 1,136 loans with a dollar volume of $85.8 million
  • Michigan: 278 loans with a dollar volume of $58.9 million
  • Indiana: 123 loans with a dollar volume of $23.7 million
  • West Virginia: 34 loans with a dollar volume of $5.4 million
  • Western Pennsylvania: 54 loans with a dollar volume of $8.5 million
  • Kentucky: 37 loans with a dollar volume of $5.6 million

In 2010, Huntington lent $1.1 billion to small businesses, meeting the bank’s plan to lend $4 billion to small businesses in the Midwest over a three-year period, with a stepped increase in small business lending through 2012 and beyond.

Just one example of Huntington’s ability to help small business owners can be found in Columbus, Ohio-based, Food for Good Thought, a for-profit, gluten-free bakery and nonprofit organization that provides vocational training and employment for individuals with autism. According to Food for Good Thought’s owner, Dr. Audrey Todd, the SBA-backed loan she received from Huntington provided a much-needed lifeline that allowed her business to thrive and grow.

“Huntington went above and beyond to help me and my business,” Dr. Todd said. “If it wasn’t for Huntington, Food for Good Thought may not be here today.”

Huntington’s SBA-enhanced loans can be used by small business owners for real estate, business acquisition or expansion, start-up costs, equipment purchases, working capital and more. For more information about Huntington and its small business lending programs, visit or call 1-800-480-2001.

About Huntington

Huntington Bancshares Incorporated is a $53 billion regional bank holding company headquartered in Columbus, Ohio. Huntington National Bank, founded in 1866, provides full-service commercial, small business, and consumer banking services; mortgage banking services; treasury management and foreign exchange services; equipment leasing; wealth and investment management services; trust services; brokerage services; customized insurance brokerage and service programs; and other financial product and services. The principal markets for these services are Huntington’s six-state banking franchise: Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Indiana, West Virginia, and Kentucky. The primary distribution channels include a banking network of over 600 traditional branches and convenience branches located in grocery stores and retirement centers, and through an array of alternative distribution channels including internet and mobile banking, telephone banking, and over 1,300 ATMs. Through automotive dealership relationships within its six-state banking franchise area and selected New England states, Huntington also provides commercial banking services to the automotive dealers and retail automobile financing for dealer customers.

The logo mark and Huntington® are federally registered service marks of Huntington Bancshares Incorporated.


CONTACT: Matt Samson, +1-614-480-3763,

Web Site:

Since 2008, Tommy Lambert and his wife, Heather, have exclusively owned and operated Headhunters Lice Removal Service. Over the last 3 years, the company has treated numerous clients and provided an innovative, in demand service in the Atlanta, Georgia area. After experiencing a tremendous amount of growth and attaining a high level of success, the Lamberts have decided to further expand the company by offering a unique franchise opportunity to interested entrepreneurs.

The first company of its kind in the state of Georgia, Headhunters offers individuals the clean, professional environment of a salon in which they and their families can be comfortably treated for head lice. Not long ago, the Lamberts only offered in-home lice removal services; however, as the demand for their professional skills expanded, so have the services that they provide.

“With passion and family values, Headhunters is successful because we offer something that no other company does,” commented Tommy Lambert. “Many people are embarrassed when they find that their children have head lice. Bringing kids to our salon for lice removal is easier, more effective, and less stressful on parents than attempting to do it themselves. Over the counter products often fail, leaving parents frustrated and overwhelmed. For this reason, we offer our knowledge and provide our expertise, as we know our clients do not have time for lice.”

Now that the company has grown, the Lamberts are eager to take the next step in expansion. By offering franchised facilities, the Lamberts are allowing other entrepreneurs to benefit from their own hard work. The professionals that open franchised stores will utilize fresh networking and marketing strategies to contribute to the continued growth of the brand, benefiting both their own business aspirations and the company as a whole.

Professional lice removal services represent a developing trend in the business community. Due to the expertise of the professionals and the amount of stress their services detract from parents dealing with lice issues, many families are turning to Headhunters as their first line of defense against a lice infestation. Entrepreneurs who take advantage of the current franchising opportunity are likely to benefit from the growing popularity of the brand.

The current economy is on an upward swing, slowly healing from the recession. For business-minded individuals seeking new prospects, Headhunters is offering the opportunity to play a large role in the expansion and further development of an established and profitable brand.

“This franchise is really a wonderful chance for the right business professional to get involved with a great company,” stated Lambert. “After the last 3 years of development, we are confident in the brand and know that its potential growth will be a success, as long as it is expanded properly.”

Individuals interested in this exciting franchise opportunity should call 678-240-0042 or send an email to for more information. The company’s website, is also a valuable resource concerning information about this unique niche business.


Headhunters Lice Removal Service is a unique company that has put a modern spin on traditional head lice treatment. The first business of its kind in Georgia, Headhunters presents clients with the opportunity to be treated for lice in a salon environment. The company also offers school and camp screenings including on site treatments and in home lice removal service. With this diverse list of services aimed at containing and removing head lice, Headhunters has become the trusted lice removal resource in the Atlanta area.

Now looking to expand, Headhunters is offering entrepreneurs the chance to open their own branch of this successful company. For more information about Headhunters L.R.S., call 678-240-0042, visit or send an email to


New Media & Entertainment Initiative showcases how to get ROI from low-cost online strategies

While some confusion and resistance may exist about the business applications of social media tools, there’s mounting evidence that proves it’s a worthwhile investment in both time and energy. Eric Qualman, author of the blockbuster Socialnomics, sites over 50 examples as to how businesses can generate substantial return-on-investment (ROI) using these low cost strategies.

To support this growing trend, the California Community Colleges Economic and Workforce Development Program’s New Media & Entertainment Initiative has launched a workshop series and online community aimed at assisting small and mid-size California companies in becoming more competitive and profitable through the use of interactive internet applications, social media, and mobile technologies. The Interactive Internet & Mobile Applications for Business (iima4biz) curriculum and the community portal was developed in collaboration with ListenToSee, Inc., a technology consulting firm.

“Our goal is to seek new ways to help businesses respond to internet-based competition and filter through all the noise about social media,” shared State Director Steve Wright, New Media & Entertainment Initiative.  “The workshop and online community are designed to help businesses become savvy consumers of interactive web-based applications and mobile technology and help them apply these cost-effective strategies.”

iima4biz is an intensive, five-module workshop that includes 15 hours of course curriculum and collaborative exercises on implementing interactive web, social media, and mobile tools.  The workshop is conducted in a small-group environment and encourages interactive discussion of ways that businesses can apply new internet and mobile tools to increase operational efficiency, improve customer service, and supplement marketing efforts.  Participants in the workshop become members of the online community, a non-commercial portal that offers a place to network with workshop alumni, model proposals, and access news on the latest trends and tools available for Internet and mobile technology.

The first pilot workshops were held at the end of April 2011, with attendees from ten California businesses participating in open dialogues around their need to integrate new technologies into existing business practices.  “I had no idea the depth of the social media situation,” shared Paul Reilly, President of MasterGage, a Thousand Oaks based small manufacturer of precision tools.  “It was an enlightening workshop and I am already making plans to implement some of the tools we discussed.”

Businesses or individuals wishing to participate in upcoming workshops should visit to register for updates.

About The New Media & Entertainment Initiative

The New Media & Entertainment Initiative (NMEI) focuses on workforce training in multimedia, entertainment, interactive web and new media skills, and is part of a statewide network funded through the California Community College’s Economic and Workforce Development (CCCEWD) program.  For more information, go to

CONTACT: Steve Wright of The New Media & Entertainment Initiative, +1-805-496-8583

Web Site:

A TD Bank branch

A TD Bank branch -Image via Wikipedia

Thousands of TD employees will visit with 25,000 small businesses from Maine to Florida to discuss credit needs

On Monday, May 2, TD Bank, America’s Most Convenient Bank®, will launch its first-ever, company-wide small business outreach campaign, during which teams of local lending officers and banking employees will disperse throughout communities from Maine to Florida with the goal of reaching nearly 25,000 companies with the message that TD Bank is lending to small business. The month-long campaign will mark TD Bank’s largest-ever coordinated effort targeting the small business community.

“TD Bank understands that small businesses are the engine of the economy, creating jobs and keeping our communities vibrant. That’s why we’re taking a highly personal approach with this effort, going door to door, meeting in-person with small business owners to talk about their needs and concerns, and to let them know that at TD Bank, credit is available,” said Fred Graziano, Head of Retail and Small Business Banking at TD Bank. “We’ve increased our small business lending staff, and they’re partnering with thousands of TD employees across all lines of business, including retail, commercial, cash management, and TD Insurance, to show small businesses just how important they are to us and that we want to help them be successful.”

A one-stop banking shop for its small business customers, TD Bank offers full-scale solutions delivered by local professionals and is proud to support the entrepreneurial spirit by partnering with small businesses on their financial management. By providing conveniences such as extended banking hours and personalized service, TD Bank is a leading small business lender, offering both conventional financing and loans backed by the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA), with credit decisions made locally.

“Our message to small businesses will be, we’re ready to lend when they’re ready to borrow. We think our campaign is timely given the upcoming celebration of National Small Business Week and we’re optimistic that our effort will encourage small businesses to focus on growth,” Graziano said.

Business owners interested in learning more about TD Bank’s small business offerings can call 1-888-751-9000, visit any TD Bank store, or go online at

About TD Bank, America’s Most Convenient Bank®

TD Bank, America’s Most Convenient Bank, is one of the 10 largest banks in the United States, providing customers with a full range of financial products and services at more than 1,250 convenient locations from Maine to Florida. On September 30, 2010, The South Financial Group, Inc. was acquired by TD Bank Group, and its subsidiary Carolina First Bank merged with TD Bank. Carolina First Bank will continue to operate under the trade names Carolina First Bank in North and South Carolina and Mercantile Bank in Florida until conversion and rebranding in June 2011. TD Bank is headquartered in Cherry Hill, N.J., and Portland, Maine. Carolina First Bank and Mercantile Bank are trade names of TD Bank, N.A. For more information, visit TD Bank, America’s Most Convenient Bank, is a member of TD Bank Group and a subsidiary of The Toronto-Dominion Bank of Toronto, Canada, a top 10 financial services company in North America and one of the few banks in the world rated Aaa by Moody’s. The Toronto-Dominion Bank trades on the New York and Toronto stock exchanges under the ticker symbol “TD.” To learn more, visit

CONTACT: Jennifer Morneau, TD Bank, +1-207-761-8762,

Web Site:

Looking for a SBA Loan? Try Fidelity Bank

Fidelity Bank, a subsidiary of Fidelity Southern Corporation (NASDAQ: LION), is ranked third on Georgia’s 504 lenders list and fourth in 7(A) lending during first quarter 2011, according to the U.S. Small Business Administration.

Danny Preston, Senior Vice President for SBA lending at Fidelity Bank said, “This ranking demonstrates what Fidelity Bank is all about: investing in local businesses and fostering an environment of growth so our local communities can prosper and thrive.  We are proud to be recognized for our contribution in helping to stimulate our local economy.”

For the last two years, Fidelity Bank has focused its growth efforts on its lending divisions. During the first quarter of 2011, Fidelity Bank’s SBA lending team successfully closed twenty-nine 7(A) loans totaling more than $25 million and three 504 loans totaling more than $3 million. Fidelity Bank was also one of the few Georgia banks to show a profit in 2010, earning $10.1 million.

H. Palmer Proctor, Jr., President of Fidelity Bank said, “Our strategic growth initiatives over the last couple of years are beginning to paying off. We have attracted and retained talented small business lenders who are committed to our mission of providing the best customer service in town.”

Fidelity Southern Corporation, through its operating subsidiaries Fidelity Bank and LionMark Insurance Company, provides banking services and credit-related insurance products through 23 branches in Atlanta, Georgia, a branch in Jacksonville, Florida, and an insurance office in Atlanta, Georgia. SBA, Indirect automobile, and mortgage loans are provided through employees located throughout the Southeast. For additional information about Fidelity’s products and services, please visit the website at

Contact: Martha Fleming (404) 240-1504

When the economy crashed, Johnny Schrunk’s family business felt it. He began using Main Street Marketing Machines—Traffic Geyser’s new online marketing platform—to market small businesses online. In just days, his first client had made him profitable.

A couple years ago, when the U.S. economy started to tumble, Johnny Schrunk saw it affect his family consulting business. It seemed he wouldn’t be able to continue working alongside his father, so after exploring his options, Schrunk found success marketing small businesses with Main Street Marketing Machines, Traffic Geyser’s online marketing platform for entrepreneurs & local companies.

“With my dad’s and my business, our clients were sizable companies with big budgets and giant conference rooms. When the economy bottomed out, we definitely felt it,” Schrunk confesses. “Self-improvement and marketing consulting were two disciplines I always enjoyed, and it seemed Traffic Geyser’s name would pop up in both areas.”

Schrunk bought the first edition of Main Street Marketing Machines 2.0: Fusion, and started using it within hours:

“I was a chaperone for my son’s class trip, and another child’s dad was there, expressing his dislike for the results he was getting from advertising in the phone book. I decided I could help him, and we planned to meet the next day.

When I got back home, I went through the Main Street training—it all made sense—and mapped out my battle plan. The next day, the meeting ended and I had a contract worth $5,000 up front, and $1,000 a month.”

Johnny is just one of many Main Street Marketing Machines success stories.

“Johnny leveraged his knowledge of a specific niche,” explains Mike Koenigs, CEO and Co-founder of Traffic Geyser. “Whether someone is a restauranteur or a mechanic or a lawyer, everyone is part of a special population and knows things about that niche that others do not. Even if someone can’t come up with a money-making idea in their demographic, the Fusion system provides a list of 100 profitable business types to target.”

Although most everyone in an urban environment is surrounded by small businesses, it’s a market that escapes the minds of many people looking for clients.

“There are 29.6 million small businesses in the U.S. Today,” said Koenigs.  “They are quickly realizing they need to get an active online presence and they need help to make that happen. The Fusion system includes everything necessary to start a work-from-home business marketing to local firms.”

Click here for the full article, and to watch Johnny share his success story.

To learn more about marketing to small businesses using Main Street Marketing Machines 2.0: Fusion, can visit, or contact Will Christie at 800-962-9575, ext. 115, for more information.

About Traffic Geyser

Traffic Geyser streamlines and automates online marketing for small businesses and entrepreneurs. We create platforms for building companies’ reputations and nurturing relationships with prospects and customers using video, social media and mobile technologies. Founded in 2006, we are based in beautiful San Diego, CA.

CONTACT: Brace Ford, Vice President of Marketing of Traffic Geyser, LLC, +1-443-896-6093

Web Site:

Web hosting company introduces a new way to create and publish a website in just minutes

Customers can now create a quick, professional looking one-page website from start to finish very easily with zero technical knowledge., a leading domain registrar and web hosting company, announces today the launch of Instant Website, a perfect solution for getting started online with a one-page website that can be built and published to a domain name in just minutes using an easy and intuitive editor. This new product streamlines the process of buying a domain name and creating a website which can otherwise take hours or days for web users who are new to creating websites.

“Instant Website is a great tool for small business websites or personal portfolios and resumes,” said Dotster CEO Clint Page. “Customers can now create a quick, professional looking one-page website from start to finish very easily with zero technical knowledge.”

Instant Website is a complete, all-inclusive website solution that has all the basics a website needs and does not require any other web hosting products. The simple, modern layout provides open-ended text fields that allow users to edit information that suits their needs. Instant Website features include a custom website title and description for search engines, a variety of color schemes, fully customized text fields and headlines, and custom icons and integration with popular social sites including Facebook and Twitter.

Instant Website is also perfect for small business use, allowing product users to upload their own logo and list business hours, contact information, and payment methods. Instant Website also includes integrated Google Maps for directions and a Flickr photo gallery.

The one-page design is optimized for cross-browser and smartphone compatibility to ensure that websites are widely available and accessible online. Instant Website’s SEO-friendly template also helps websites appear in search engine results.

Customers can see how easy it is to set up their Instant Website in minutes by getting started with a free 30 day no-obligation trial and a price of just $2.99 per month after the trial. To get started building an Instant Website, visit:

About Dotster
Dotster, Inc., an ICANN-accredited global top 10 domain registrar since 2000, makes it simple for small to medium sized businesses and individuals to create and grow an effective web presence. Helping more than one million people make an impact on the web, Dotster offers a complete suite of services including SSL website security, do-it-yourself website tools, domain registration, web hosting, business email, custom website design, and online marketing all backed by 24/7 customer support.

For more information, please visit or call (360) 449-5800.

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