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Startup Business Rules to Live By

If you’re an aspiring entrepreneur, here are 38 rules to live by to make your journey into the business world a little easier.

I read a great post a couple of months ago, written by a friend of mine, for females, that really inspired me (even as a male). As we get older, we begin to see things more clearly. Things we once thought were important become secondary. We start to truly understand what life (and business) is all about.

At my age, 38, I’m not claiming to know everything, nor to be an expert in anything, for that matter, but I do believe I’ve learned a few things. As I approach my 40s, I thought I’d share the lessons (sometimes hard) that I’ve earned–and learned:

  1. Nobody cares about what you say, only what you do.
  2. Funding is not the end, only the beginning.
  3. Once you take on funding, the stress gets worse, not better.
  4. Don’t beg for investment dollars. Someone’s paying to be your partner, not the other way around.
  5. Arrogant and disrespectful investors will never be good partners. Ignore them.
  6. Never, ever, ever, pay to pitch.
  7. TechCrunch is overrated. Unless you sell to startups, it doesn’t do sh*t. It’s good for the ego, though.
  8. Some people care only about people whom they think are popular. They’ll acknowledge you only when you appear to be more connected than they are. Get rid of these people.
  9. Some people like you only for what you can do for them. Pay them no mind.
  10. Accelerators are good only for funding and meeting new friends. Is that what 6 to 8 percent equity is worth to you?
  11. Take a job if you have to. You will not lose your will to be an entrepreneur for doing so.
  12. Take huge risks in your 20s. Take calculated risks in your 30s.
  13. If you have an idea that keeps you up at night, do something with it. If not, it will always be only a dream.
  14. It’s OK to be driven by money at first. Once you have it, you’ll find your true motivation.
  15. Nontechies: If your tech co-founder says it’s going to take three months or more, she’s lying.
  16. If your tech co-founder says she can’t use existing code, cut ties immediately.
  17. If your nontech co-founder says he can’t sell X until you build Y, he’s making excuses for not working.
  18. Sales are everything. Nothing else matters. Nothing.
  19. Learn something new every day. One thing at least.
  20. Write. Even if you don’t publish it.
  21. Marketing isn’t luck. It’s hustle.


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Small Business Best Bets for 2013 and Beyond

Entrepreneur Magazine - September 2010 Cover

Small Business(Photo credit: Rob La Fave)

For those with fingers on the pulse of the business world, Entrepreneur magazine reveals the biggest trends of 2013 and the directions they’ll take various industries in the future. These movements reflect the wants and needs of a changing demographic in the United States and what’s necessary for entrepreneurs to keep in mind when considering consumers, employees and how business is getting done around them.

“Whether you’re running an established company or hope to start in the new year, it’s crucial to stay in-the-know with what’s happening in business right now to stay competitive—and more importantly, what to expect next,” says Amy Cosper, VP and editor in chief of Entrepreneur magazine. “Being savvy about modern expectations and consumer tendencies can make or break a business, and we’ve got a great look at what 2013 has in store.”

The list looks at the booming trends that will help anchor a business moving forward and thinking ahead:

  1. Big Data – Numbers-based insights
  2. Domestic Production – The comeback of “Made in the USA”
  3. Reimagined Workspace – The office of the future
  4. Fun Company Culture – Adding playfulness to the workplace
  5. Personal-Care Products – Desire for skin enhancement
  6. Spicy Flavor – Turning to food with a bite
  7. Fake Energy – Products giving a boost
  8. Transparency – Building brand trust and loyalty
  9. Creative Financing – Alternative financing methods
  10. Vending Machines – Access to unique products instantly
  11. Digital Doctors – Technology on call

A common thread among the 11 trends to watch in 2013 is that they aren’t fads with short-lived popularity. Instead, they may be seen as business movements built to last even beyond next year. Each trend reveals a synthesis of factors leading to their tipping points, such as changing demographics, widespread availability of certain technologies, shifting workplace and productivity ideologies, and consumer desires.

For example, increased exposure to international cuisines, combined with the growing desire to innovate in the kitchen, have contributed to a population eager to consume—and create—spicy condiments. The popularity of food with a kick has spiked the small hot sauce segment into a billion-dollar industry, signaling the impact that an appreciation for diversity can have in business. Another trend stems from economic influencers and is good news for capital-seekers. While entrepreneurship has become a near-mainstream movement, lending is still tight with banks, leading to demand for financing. So borrowers and lenders are getting creative, and alternative financing methods such as crowdfunding, peer-to-peer lending sites and collateral-free loans are becoming more of the norm.

To read the complete feature on the top entrepreneurial trends, pick up a copy of the December issue on sale at newsstands now.

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After 35 years, nobody reaches more growing businesses. As the original magazine for the small and midsize business community, Entrepreneur continues to be the definitive guide to all the diverse challenges of business ownership. is the most widely used website by entrepreneurs and emerging businesses worldwide. Entrepreneur Press publishes the books that turn entrepreneurial skills into business success.

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Startup Expert is the simple way to launch your new business

Startup Expert has recently announced the launching of their new entrepreneurial advisory service. The service helps aspiring entrepreneurs and startups overcome common challenges that most entrepreneurs face in their first 24 months of operation.

With the state of the economy where it is and a lack of stable jobs, income security is a big thing on people’s minds. One of the most popular routes people are taking now is to venture out and start their own business. Entrepreneurship can be a very scary avenue for people because there are many unknowns. Some people may not feel they have enough experience, education or knowledge to be successful. Startup Expert was created to help those people.

“Startup Expert is geared towards people looking to start their own business and entrepreneurs who are looking to take their business to the next level,” said Dezmon Landers, founder of Startup Expert. “We offer a monthly advisory service which allows people to interact with our business strategists and advisory team to seek advice and troubleshoot problems as necessary.”

Startup Expert uses technology to collaborate with clients all over the world. Through webinars and other online software, the team at Startup Expert is able to connect and interact with clients to hold meetings, view and edit documents and more as if they were in the office working side by side.

In a time when having an edge over your competition can determine whether or not your business succeeds or fails, it is crucial to have a strong business plan as well as a strategy team to assist you in all of a business’s daily functions like marketing, accounting, sales pitches, human resources and more.

The team at Startup Expert consists of business professionals with over 60 years of real business experience in different industries — Internet, construction, legal, financing, advertising — who have the knowledge to take business from idea to revenue quickly.

“We created Startup Expert to help eliminate the confusion and guesswork of running a business,” said Landers. “Through webinars, strategy meetings, email, phone support and consultations with business advisors, we provide all of the vital pieces in one package.”

Working with Startup Expert is a very cost-effective way of getting the real information you need about starting and becoming profitable in your new business. Alternatively, consultations with individual advisors like attorneys, accounts and financial advisors can cost thousands of dollars. Taking the DIY or Do It Yourself approach isn’t necessarily wrong but it may take longer than anticipated and cost more money in the long run.

“Each of our packages offers unique services geared towards entrepreneurs whether they’re still working full-time or their business is experiencing rapid startup growth,” said Landers. “Our team has become successful in our individual fields because we execute strategies that work in the real business world.”

“It is important for people to realize that they don’t have to go through the ups and downs so commonly associated with opening a business,” said Landers. “They can start their business off on the right foot with Startup Expert’s services and hit the ground running. Large and small companies all over the world have boards of directors, advisors and consultants aiding in their success; why are new entrepreneurs any different?”

Startup Expert is like having your own personal business advisory team to bounce ideas off of and seek solutions to problems.

About Dezmon Landers

Dezmon Landers is a graduate of The Ohio State University and currently works as a Startup Business Strategist. He has real startup experience working with and, and through his efforts he’s helped raise more than $500,000 in venture capital. He also sat on the Ohio Department of Education’s Entrepreneurial Advisory Council. Having the chance to have worked closely with and be mentored by some of the top business professionals in the country, he has gained a strong understanding of what works and what doesn’t work when it comes to starting a new business.

For more information, visit:

CONTACT: Dezmon Landers, 404-941-4148, dezmon(at)startupexpert(dot)us

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BizSugar, the social media news site for small businesses and entrepreneurs, achieves over 500% growth in its registered user base, with the number of registered community members now at 175,000 users.

“We are on track before the end of the year to achieve a quarter million members.” Anita Campbell, CEO of Small Business Trends LLC

BizSugar, the small business social media news site, has achieved a new milestone, with the number of registered community members now at 175,000 users, with 95,000 weekly newsletter subscribers.

BizSugar is a business-to-business resource dedicated solely to the small business community. On the site, small business owners, managers and entrepreneurs can share news, blog posts, videos, podcasts and other useful content. By doing so they can highlight their thought leadership, while bringing visibility to their businesses and their online content. Others who are searching for tips and information to start a business or operate their existing businesses more effectively can search through the content shared by others for valuable insights.

BizSugar helps anyone in the business community navigate successfully through the challenges, obstacles and issues they face each day. And the best part is that it’s completely free.

BizSugar was launched in 2007 and subsequently acquired by Small Business Trends, LLC in the summer of 2009. Since then, its popularity and usage has grown.

“The entire BizSugar team, including our Moderators and Advisory Board, are thrilled with the response by the small business community and entrepreneurs. The rapid growth rate of 500% in under 2 years is proof that small businesses want social media platforms dedicated to their interests and needs,” said Anita Campbell, CEO of Small Business Trends LLC. “We are on track before the end of the year to achieve a quarter million members.”

Shawn Hessinger, Community Manager, adds, “One remarkable benefit of BizSugar is that it is a two-way street. You share AND learn. BizSugar helps highlight the hard work of small business leaders and staff. At the same time, it is a learning tool where one can find important business resources and advice provided by other community members who own or operate small businesses. And there is a good feeling of community and active networking among members of the site. Relationships are built and reinforced everyday on the site.”

Visit BizSugar, click the “Register” tab and join this vivid community of small business leaders and entrepreneurs.

BizSugar is a free social media resource for small businesses and entrepreneurs. The site assists entrepreneurs and small business leaders in sharing information with other business members, networking and building relationships with one another, and gaining online visibility by establishing thought leadership. BizSugar is owned by Small Business Trends, LLC. BizSugar also has a blog, The BizSugar Blog.

BizSugar updates are published on Twitter @BizSugar and users can connect with BizSugar on Facebook.

About Small Business Trends, LLC:
Small Business Trends LLC is in the business of providing information, news, advice and online community to small businesses and entrepreneurs. The company was founded in 2003 and is based in Ohio. Its flagship website, Small Business Trends, is one of the leading sources of commentary, information and online community touching over 1,500,000 small businesses annually.

Will collaborate with White House in Startup America program

IBM (NYSE: IBM) today announced that it will invest $150 million in 2011 to fund programs that promote entrepreneurs and new business opportunities in the United States. The announcement was made as part of the White House-led Startup America campaign launched today.

“The investment will help us greatly expand the work we’re doing to build business skills and provide market opportunities for the most innovative new companies in the country,” said James Corgel, General Manager, IBM Developer and Academic Relations. “These start-ups are tackling some of the country’s most pressing challenges and opportunities.”

Since launching its Global Entrepreneur initiative last year, IBM has helped launch more than 500 new businesses in key areas such as green energy, health care and transportation. The new investment will be used to:

  • Coach and mentor start-up businesses throughout the United States;
  • Expand education, build skills and mentorship programs in collaboration with the academic and venture capital communities;
  • Provide skills and business opportunities to the growing community of software developers who collaborate on emerging technologies.

IBM has been in the business of building skills for 100 years. Today, IBM works with more than eight million developers and nearly 6,000 universities in programs to help develop new technologies and prepare students and developers with the skills to succeed in a global market. Additionally, there are five IBM Innovations Centers in the United States where IBM provides access to technology, education and hands-on assistance to help business partners and start-ups design, build, market and deliver new technologies and solutions.

The new investment will be used to bring these diverse communities together, encouraging collaboration and innovation around new solutions to issues such as smarter health care, energy and transportation. For example, next week, the IBM Innovation Center in the Boston area is hosting “Connecting Companies with Capital.” The event will bring together health care and life sciences start-up companies with local venture capitalists. The goal of the event is to connect local entrepreneurs looking to raise capital with potential sources of funding. Participants will also have access to panel discussions from leading experts in the field of health care and life sciences. The program is just one of many planned in 2011.

“IBM has a unique business model when it comes to working with VCs and entrepreneurs,” said Promod Haque, Managing Partner, Norwest Venture Partners (NVP). “We have worked closely with IBM for more than a decade to identify trends, partnerships and potential new businesses. This new investment will greatly accelerate our ongoing collaboration with IBM as we are both deeply committed to fostering innovation in the U.S.”

Among the new American start-ups working with IBM are:

  • Streetline: A San Francisco-based company that uses the latest sensor technology to help citizens find inexpensive parking quickly, while helping cities to manage their parking resources more efficiently.
  • Sproxil: A Boston-based company that identifies counterfeit medicine in emerging countries using cell phone technology at point of purchase to validate genuine drugs.
  • CareCloud: A Florida-based cloud computing software and services company that streamlines the financial, administrative and clinical functions of a medical practice.

IBM is also leading a series of forums that bring together civic, academic, business and entrepreneurial leaders to discuss the key challenges facing our cities and communities. For example, this Tuesday, February 1, in Austin, Texas, IBM and the Austin Chamber of Commerce will reconvene a group at the IBM Innovation Center there, which now meets quarterly. Additional events are planned in 2011.

To help build start-up communities and harness the innovation of academic communities, IBM is also launching its 2011 Skills Tour that will visit 15 college and university communities in 10 states over the next 100 days. Each event brings together students and professors with business, government, venture capital and non-profit leaders from the area to discuss the skills needed for leadership jobs in the 21st century.

As part of the Startup America program, IBM will collaborate with other participants as the company works to expand its 100,000-member partner community. More information about the Startup America Partnership is available at

For more information on IBM’s Global Entrepreneur initiative, visit

Media contact:
Tim Willeford

CONTACT: Tim Willeford, IBM, +1-914-766-1107,

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Entrepreneur Support Solutions - The Entrepreneur StoryBooth from Babson College

Entrepreneur Support Solutions - The Entrepreneur StoryBooth from Babson College-Image via Wikipedia

The Entrepreneur StoryBooth — that lets people share instant 20 second video stories about their entrepreneurial experience — has been launched by Babson College and the Business Innovation Factory (BIF).

Contribute your video today at

This StoryBooth is the latest effort from the new partnership between Babson and BIF to create an Entrepreneur Experience Laboratory that will accelerate the design and development of new entrepreneur support solutions.

Why An Entrepreneur Experience Laboratory?

We believe that the current entrepreneurship support system is well-intended but insufficient to stimulate entrepreneurial activity at the scale and scope we need to revive the global economy.

The system needs more than a tweak — it needs a transformation.

Babson and BIF have embarked on a new partnership to create a real world laboratory to design, develop and test new entrepreneurship support solutions and systems.

The Entrepreneur Experience Lab is working to develop a deep and ongoing understanding of the entrepreneurship experience through the lens of the entrepreneur and use that understanding to create a platform to design and test new entrepreneurship solutions and systems.

In its first phase, the Lab team is working with entrepreneurs from all walks of life, at all stages of development and from every region in the United States to create a first person characterization of the national entrepreneurial experience. Building on this new map of the entrepreneur experience, the team is creating a prioritized list of opportunities where the experience can be enhanced to accelerate new venture creation.

In parallel, the Lab team also is establishing a functional lab environment where new ideas can be developed, designed and tested in real world environments. This work will lay the foundation for creating a real world laboratory for systemic experimentation, where programs and services can be developed and tested within an integrated, real world environment.

Learn more at

Babson College

Babson College in Wellesley, Mass., is recognized internationally as a leader in entrepreneurial management education. Babson grants BS degrees through its innovative undergraduate program, and grants MBA and custom MS and MBA degrees through the F.W. Olin Graduate School of Business at Babson College. Babson Executive Education offers executive development programs to experienced managers worldwide. For information, visit

Business Innovation Factory

The Business Innovation Factory (BIF) creates real world laboratories where organizations can design, prototype, and test new models for delivering value. BIF’s mission is to enable business model and system level innovation in areas of high social impact, including health care, education, energy, and entrepreneurship.

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