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Recession Tough on Consumers and Charities

The bad economy has affected so many people, it is essential that as a local business we contribute to our community. Especially at thanksgiving it should be a time of happiness and sharing.

Thanksgiving should be a time for celebration and family togetherness. Sadly in 2010 many families are turning to local charities in the hope of receiving the traditional festivities, but local charities are struggling due to high demand.

Charities and community organizations throughout America have admitted that donations this year are generally down. Throughout Orange County charities such as Families Forward and the Christ Chapel of Long Beach are struggling to obtain enough supplies to feed the growing number of families still reeling from the recent recession.

After reading an article in the LA Times, Morgan Drexen CEO Walter Ledda decided to lend a helping hand to his local community. Ledda Says, “The bad economy has affected so many people, it is essential that as a local business we contribute to our community. Especially at thanksgiving it should be a time of happiness and sharing.” Morgan Drexen’s community team headed out to local charities with frozen turkeys.

The Christ Chapel of Long Beach was a grateful recipient they admitted they were short by 10 turkeys to feed the need of the community.

Margo Martinez a long time volunteer at the Christ Chapel of Long Beach said, “We started the thanksgiving dinner tradition 25 years ago, we rely entirely on donations. I had to go out begging this year, thanks to people like Morgan Drexen who came to our rescue. We now expect to serve between 150 and 200 people this thanksgiving.”

The highest unemployment rates in decades are continuing to plague families throughout Orange County. Families Forward are an Irvine based company, they are a non- profit company that was founded in 1984. Families Forward assists families in financial crisis to achieve and maintain self-sufficiency. They also welcomed the turkeys with open arms.

Maggie Wakeham from Families Forward admits that donations are drastically down. “The need is enormous right now, and every donation is welcomed. No donation is too small. This economy has lead to more and more people needing our help.”

For Joe Schoeningh of the Second Harvest Food Bank in Irvine it’s a very similar story. Joe says, “We take care of 220,000 individuals a month, demand is up and donations are down. It’s hard to make ends meet. We will make it work, we have been doing this a long time.”

Morgan Drexen are very proud to be affiliated with these local charities. All three charities received frozen turkeys on behalf of Morgan Drexen.

Insurance Auto Auctions, Inc. (IAA), the leading hybrid model salvage auto auction company and a wholly owned subsidiary of KAR Auction Services, Inc. (NYSE: KAR), today announced the launch of national philanthropic campaign, One Car One Difference™ that will benefit charitable and non-profit organizations. The campaign officially kicks off in early December and calls on the public to donate their vehicles to their charity of choice. The initiative will provide charities with much needed funds and continue IAA’s efforts to benefit the environment.

Partner charities and non-profit organizations will be announced as they join the effort, and include those representing health-related needs, veterans, animals, children and other causes.

Since 1994, the IAA Donation Division has provided non-profit organizations with complete donation processing services – a key differentiator in the marketplace that creates a streamlined approach for participants – and has fueled tremendous results. In 2009, IAA returned millions of dollars to well over 100 designated charities throughout North America.

“Insurance Auto Auctions is honored to offer a national platform for charitable and non-profit organizations to raise funds for their programs, funds that are needed now more than ever before,” said Tom O’Brien, chief executive officer, IAA. “We’ve been in the salvage auto auction business for over 28 years, with an established and dedicated national call center team and more than 155 branch locations that help make donating a vehicle simple and gratifying. We know that every car truly can make a difference and provide the public a unique way to turn their vehicles into cash for their charity of choice.”

The IAA’s bidding platform offers choice and flexibility, making it easy for more buyers to participate and generate high returns for donated vehicles. IAA’s Donation Division handles and processes IRS submissions for each charity or non-profit organization. Each week, salvage auto auctions are offered to IAA’s mature global buyer base using the IAA Hybrid Auction Model, which combines live auctions and live-online bidding. While live auctions take place, online buyers join in the bidding through real-time audio broadcasts, which generates a healthy, competitive auction environment. Over 87 percent of all charitable donors said they would refer a friend to use IAA’s unique services.

“By establishing this national platform, One Car One Difference™, Insurance Auto Auctions is honored to provide resources and auction facilities that can directly impact the people, families, animals and communities these charities serve,” said Jeanene O’Brien, vice president, IAA. “Salvage auto auctions are our business, but it is more than just auctioning cars – it means turning cars into resources that can provide shelter, food, medication, clothing or other vital services, as well as a sense of dignity and hope. Vehicle donation not only benefits charities – it is a crucial element of how IAA works to benefit our environment. IAA’s business model depends on recycling and reusing, which results in quantifiable energy savings. More than 1.7 million tons of steel and over 268,000 tons of aluminum have been recycled, eliminating the need to manufacture that metal as well as keeping it out of landfills each year.”

For more information regarding how to participate and donate your vehicle today, go to www.1CAR1DIFFERENCE.COM, or call 877-557-1CAR.

About Insurance Auto Auctions, Inc.

Insurance Auto Auctions, Inc. (IAA) a wholly owned subsidiary of KAR Auction Services, Inc. (NYSE: KAR), provides the advantage in salvage auto auctions with their Hybrid Auction Model combining live and live-online auctions, North America’s broadest salvage auction facility footprint, a strong global buyer base and high vehicle returns. IAA’s more than 155 facilities across the United States and Canada provide vehicle suppliers and buyers with powerful solutions to process and acquire total-loss, recovered-theft, fleet lease, donation and rental vehicles. The IAA Hybrid Auction Model, including live, live-online, and proxy bidding, united with their mature global buyer base and diverse inventory produce some of the industry’s highest returns for vehicle providers. With 28 years in the industry, IAA holds a comprehensive warehouse of salvage auction data. For more information regarding IAA visit our website at

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