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Ledet Graphics Training, world-class provider of Adobe® and Apple® Authorized graphics training programs, announced today it will deploy the latest generation of the Apple iPad® at every student workstation throughout all six of its training facilities across the country. The company, which offers hands-on, instructor-led courses in the latest graphics and interactive design software, is also adapting its training offerings to incorporate the revolutionary device into the curricula to maximize the platform’s intuitive learning and retention advantages.


“From a training standpoint, it’s very simple: if you’re here to learn how to create media for the iPad, it’s imperative that you actually interact with it as a user in order to best understand the end-user experience,” explained Sterling Ledet, founder of Ledet Graphics Training. “In addition to allowing students to fully appreciate the end-user experience, putting an iPad at each student workstation makes the course material itself more engaging and effective. Navigating and working with the material is much more dynamic and fun, which helps with retention.”


The iPad also makes accessing, using and interacting with the course materials more efficient. Students can take notes on the device to save time and paper and even share notes and materials with classmates to enhance the collaborative learning environment.


Sally Cox, instructor and co-chair for the San Jose Adobe User Group, said the iPad is showing up in educational environments more every day and industry training providers must adapt their programming for the technology. “I’ve noticed students bringing the iPad to class; if they appreciate how the technology enhances their own learning experience, then we as educators need to keep pace,” she said. “I’m absolutely amazed that no one else is using the iPad as part of their core instructor-led training environment yet. It’s one thing to show people a new technology in a classroom environment, but it takes on a whole new dimension when they get to work with it hands-on.”


“I absolutely plan on changing how I instruct based on these new capabilities,” Cox added. “Anything that engages the students and gets them working with the teacher, rather than just statically observing content, is an awesome advantage.”


The iPad is constantly evolving with new applications to enhance student learning and retention. For example, LiveView is a free application for designers that lets developers see what they’re editing live on the device; designers can see the finished product as they work. “You no longer have to rely on a mock-up at a different scale. Now you can see the finished product as it comes together,” said Ledet. “Also, the interactive white board application lets instructors and students share the space and collaborate creating a social learning environment within the classroom.”


To support its iPad deployment, Ledet recently partnered with Avatron Software, makers of the Air Display app, which enables iPad users to wirelessly extend their desktop across to the iPad and use the device as a second monitor. “This direct experience of working with iPad as a second monitor opens up a whole new world for students. It’s this kind of offering that makes me take a second look at a training company,” declared Cox.


Ledet says he sees the iPad as the perfect fit for the “cool” learning environment students find at Ledet training facilities.  “It’s our primary mission to stay current and offer the latest graphics applications and media technologies that enable students to learn more effectively, enjoy themselves  and retain more. The addition of the iPad makes learning so much more exciting.”


The new iPads are now being fully deployed at all Ledet training facilities. To find a location nearby, visit


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